Recent Lectures

Recent Lectures

May 2016—New South Wales chapter

Prof. Xianbin Wang gave a distinguished lecturer seminar to our Tokyo Chapter.

August 2015

Prof. David W. Matolak was a keynote speaker at the IconSpace 2015 conference in Langkawi, Malaysia, and gave distinguished lectures at the Malaysia Chapter (Multimedia University, and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia).

November 2014

Dr. Yi Murphey gave a distinguished lecturer seminar to our Chengdu chapter

November 2014—Winnipeg chapter

Dr. Mark Ehsani and Dr. Sheldon Williamson were keynote speakers at the McGill-VTS EV Drivetrain event, organized with our Montreal chapter, in Canada.

November 2014—New York / Long Island chapter

Dr. Yi Murphey gave a distinguished lecturer seminar for our Southeastern Michigan chapter.

October 2014—Argentina chapter

Dr. Kaushik Rajashekara presented a distinguished lecture at our Argentina chapter.

October 2014—France chapter

Dr. Andrea Tonello and Dr. Javier Gozalvez were guests of our France chapter and gave presentations during the “European Prospects on Transportation Electrification – infrastructure and powertrain” workshop.

October 2014—Harbin chapter

Dr. Gordon Stüber presented lectures on “Polarization aspects in wireless communications” at the Taipei chapter.

October 2014—Denver chapter

Dr. Chris Mi gave a lecture on the “Development of an Extremely Efficient Wireless EV Charger” in San Jose, CA, for our Santa Clara Valley chapter.

October 2014

Prof. Lajos Hanzo gave a series of three talks in China at the South-East University (Nanjing), Fudan University (Shanghai) and the Huazhong University of Science & Technology.

August 2014—Harbin chapter

Dr. Jae Hong Lee presented a DL seminar

May 2014—Sweden chapter

Dr. Lajos Hanzo and Elvino Sousa gave multiple seminars

April 2014—Philadelphia chapter

Dr. Muriel Médard gave a DL seminar

February 2014—Tokyo chapter

Dr. Andrea Conti presented two seminars on "Network Localization of Tagged and Untagged Objects"

December 2013—Miami chapter

Dr. Babak Fahimi gave a Lecture on Energy and Vehicular Technology

November 2013—Coastal Los Angeles chapter

Dr. Kaushik Rajashekara and Dr. James Gover both participated in an event on "Transportation Electrification: Policy and Technology Challenges & Opportunities" at UC Davis

November 2013—Winnipeg chapter

Dr. Ted Rappaport gave a lecture on "Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications: A Road to 5G"

November 2013—United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland chapter

Dr. Mark Ehsani gave a seminar on "Sustainable Energy Engineering"

November 2013—Sweden chapter

Dr. Javier Gozalvez gave a seminar in Covilhã

October 2013—Sweden chapter

Dr. Elvino Sousa was a keynote lecturer at the "4Green Communications" workshop organized by our Portugal chapter

October 2013—Tainan chapter

Dr. Chris Mi gave a Distinguished Lecture

October 2013—Portugal chapter

Dr. Sandeep Chennakeshu participated in the "IEEE Swedish Communication Technology Workshop"

September 2013

Dr. Ying-Chang Liang gave Distinguished Lectures

September 2013

Dr. Jeffrey Reed toured three venues in Malaysia

July 2013

Dr. Halim Yanikomeroglu gave a presentation on "Emerging Concepts and Technologies towards 5G Wireless Networks" in Ankara

July 2013—United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland chapter

Dr. David Goodman gave a distinguished lecture at Trinity College

June 2013

Dr. Andy Molisch toured Italy to give 3 distinguished lectures in Rome, Padua and Florence

June 2013—Denmark chapter

Dr. Alexander Wyglinski gave a series of 3 talks in Enschede, Gent and Luxemburg

June 2013

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy gave a series of 3 lectures to our chapter members in France

June 2013—Greece chapter

Dr. Andrea Tonello gave a talk on "Power line communications a technology with application from smart grids to in-vehicle scenarios"

May 2013—Montreal chapter

Dr. Rodney Vaughan participated in a technical seminar

May 2013

Dr. Li-Chun Wang gave a seminar at National Seoul University

May 2013—Sweden chapter

Dr. JR Cruz gave a Distinguished Lecture

May 2013

Dr. Colin Goodman gave Distinguished Lectures

April 2013

Dr. Tadashi Matsumoto gave a lecture on "Physical Layer Techniques for 5G Wireless Access Networks" at University of Surrey

April 2013

Dr. Greg Bottomley gave presentations at the Georgia Electronic Design Center Spring Events in Georgia Tech, as well as at NC State University

April 2013—Seattle chapter

Dr. Sdrjan Lukic and Dr. Babak Fahimi took part in a membership-building event

February 2013

Dr. Andrea Conti gave a series of lectures on "Network Localization" in Athens, London and Poznan

February 2013—Taipei chapter

Dr. Gerhard Fettweis provided a Distinguished Lecture

February 2013—Dallas chapter

Dr. Jae Hong Lee gave a Distinguished Lecture