Board of Governors Member Profile: Bih-Yuan Ku

10 July, 2017 | Member Updates

Bih-Yuan Ku received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University, Taiwan in 1984, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University, NY, USA. He is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan.

His research and technical services focus mainly on the electrical side of rail transportation systems, ranging from light rail, heavy rail, and mainline railroad. The best description of his career is “officially a full-time professor and a part-time consultant, but there are times he looks more like a part-time professor and a full-time consultant”.

He led the charge of Taiwan’s rail industry to conduct train performance simulation and traction power analysis for Taiwan’s transit project, a task exclusively by US and European firms before. He also conducted dc stray current and touch potential analysis, pantograph loss-of-contact transients, and other field measurements to solve various problems faced by rail operators in Taiwan.

Dr. Ku actively participates in many VTS activities. He is a long-time participant of the Joint Rail Conference since 2000, and has served on the planning committee since 2003. He was appointed to the VTS Board of Governors as VP—Land Transportation in 2007, and also serves in this role in 2017. He was elected to the BoG and has served as a voting member since 2011.


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