VTS Chapter Profile: The IEEE VTS Tokyo Chapter

10 July, 2017 | Member Updates

Article by Takahiro Asai, VTS Tokyo Chapter Secretary

The Tokyo Chapter has VTS members in many sections of Japan, i.e. Tokyo, Sapporo, Sendai, Sin-Etsu, Nagoya, Kansai, Hiroshima, Shikoku, and Fukuoka.

The chapter committee consists of:

Professor Fumiyuki Adachi, Tohoku University
Professor Mamoru Sawahashi, Tokyo City University
Shigeto Hiraguri, Railway Technical Research Institute
Dr. Eisuke Fukuda, Fujitsu Laboratories
Dr. Takahiro Asai, NTT DOCOMO
In 2016, the VTS Tokyo Chapter organized the following technical seminars by VTS Distinguished Lecturers:

“Securing Emerging Short Range Wireless Communications” by Prof. Kui Ren of State University of New York at Buffalo
“Advanced Air Interface for 5G: Enabling Technologies, Cost-Effective Operation and Convergence with Vertical Industries” and “Physical Layer Security and Eavesdropping-Resilient Wireless Communications” by Prof. Xianbin Wang of Western University,Canada
“Mobility Modeling and Prediction in Bike-Sharing Systems” by Prof. Jiming Chen of Zhejiang University, China
“Controls and Estimation of Vehicle Systems toward Clean, Efficient, and Safe Ground Transportation” by Prof. Junmin Wang of Ohio State University
“Talk on Group Management IoT” by Prof. Phone Lin of National Taiwan University
On 21 August 2017, VTS Distinguished Lecturer Dr. Sumei Sun of Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) will deliver a “Lecture on Industrial Internet of Things”, to be held at University of Electro-Communications.

In addition, VTS Chapters in Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, and Singapore are annual co-hosts of the Asia Pacific Wireless Communications Symposium (APWCS). IEEE VTS APWCS 2017 will be held at Incheon National University, Korea, on 23–25 August 2017. Please visit the APWCS site for more information.

For more about the VTS Tokyo Chapter:


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