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VTS Awards for 2017

16 October, 2017 | Events & Conferences, Member Updates

This year, VTS awards were presented during the Awards Luncheon on 26 September 2017 at VTC2017-Fall in Toronto, Canada. Some will also be presented at the Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC) in Belfort, France 11–14 December 2017. This report lists the awards presented, this year’s recipients, and a short description of each award.

VTS Chapter of the Year

This award recognizes the outstanding Chapter of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society out of all active VTS Chapters. The basis for judging includes the following criteria:

  • Service to chapter membership in terms of technical activities
  • Service to chapter membership in terms of societal activities
  • Chapter membership advancement, fellow nominations, and awards
  • Chapter membership growth

The award consists of a plaque presented to the Chair of the Chapter.

2017 Awardee: Malaysia Joint ComSoc/VTS Chapter (Chair: Prof. Ir. Dr. Aduwati Binti Sali, Universti Putra Malaysia)

Presented by Gordon Stüber, Awards Chair (left) and Javier Gonzálves, VTS President (right)

Best Paper Awards

The Best Paper Awards recognize the best papers published in the Transactions of Vehicular Technology over the period 2011—17 in the following four areas: Systems, Propagation, Vehicular Electronics, and Land Transportation. Each award consists of a Certificate for each co-author and $500 equally divided among all co-authors. The basis for judging includes the number of citations, excluding self-citations, in various citation databases.

2017 Jack Neubauer Memorial Award

This award is given to the best Systems paper published in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.
Awarded to “Design and Characterization of a Full-Duplex Multiantenna System for WiFi Networks” by Melissa Duarte, Ashutosh Sabharwal, Vaneet Aggarwal, Rittwik Jana, K. K. Ramakrishnan, Christopher W. Rice and N. K. Shankaranarayanan.

2017 Neal Shepherd Memorial Best Propagation Paper Award

This award is given to the best Propagation paper published in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.
Awarded to “Investigation of prediction accuracy, sensitivity, and parameter stability of large-scale propagation path loss models for 5G wireless communications” by Shu Sun, Theodore S. Rappaport, Timothy A. Thomas, Amitava Ghosh, Huan C. Nguyen, István Z. Kovács, Ignacio Rodriguez, Ozge Koymen and Andrzej Partyka

2017 Best Vehicular Electronics Paper Award

This award, to be presented at VPPC 2017, is given to the best paper relating to Vehicular Electronics published in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.
Awarded to “Energy management of a fuel cell/supercapacitor/battery power source for electric vehicular applications” by Majid Zandi, Alireza Payman, Jean-Philippe Martin, Serge Pierfederici, Bernard Davat and Farid Meibody-Tabar

2017 Best Land Transportation Paper Award

This award is given to the best paper related to Land Transportation published in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.
Awarded to “Pseudonym changing at social spots: An effective strategy for location privacy in VANETs” by Rongxing Lu, Xiaodong Lin, Tom H. Luan,  Xiaohui Liang and Xuemin Shen

Significant Individual
Accomplishment/Service Awards

2017 Outstanding Service Award

For individuals who provide outstanding volunteer contributions to the VTS Board of Governors and to the Society. It consists of a Plaque and $250.

Paul White
HNTB Corporation, USA

Citation: For the founding and long-term leadership of IEEE rail traction power standards development.

(To be presented at VPPC 2017)

Alain Bouscayrol
Université Lille 1, France

Citation: For contributions to the development of vehicle power and propulsion activities within the Society.

2017 James Evans Avant Garde Award

For leadership and continuing contributions in promoting new technology in the field of Vehicular Communications and Electronics. It consists of a Certificate and $250.

Anthony Soong
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.
Huawei R&D USA

Citation: for contributions to the development and standardization of commercial cellular systems.

2017 Stuart Meyer Memorial Award

For VTS members who have both served the Society and contributed to the development of radio technology and science in an outstanding and exemplary manner. It consists of a plaque and $2500.

Fumiyuki Adachi
Tohoku University, Japan

Citation: For significant research contributions and exceptional community service with respect to advanced wireless signal processing algorithms for mobile radio.

2017 IEEE Fellows

Hamid Sharif

Witold Krzymien

VTC2017-Fall General Chair Recognition Award

This award is given to the General Chair, in appreciation of their tremendous effort to organize and host the Society’s flagship conference, VTC.

Halim Yanikomeroglu
On right, presented by JR Cruz, VP—Conferences (left)

IEEE VTC2017-Fall Conference Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Award

Best Student Paper Award

Online Pricing Crowdsensed Fingerprints for Accurate Indoor Localization
Xiaohua Tian, Wencan Zhang, Jingchao Wang, Wenxin Li, Shitao Li, Xinyu Wu, and Yucheng Yang
Beamspace MIMO-NOMA for Millimeter-Wave Communications Using Lens Antenna Arrays
Bichai Wang, Linglong Dai, Xiqi Gao, and Lajos Hanzo

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