Conference News: Eight Workshops Planned for VTC2019-Spring

9 January, 2019 | Events & Conferences

IEEE VTC2019-Spring in Kuala Lumpur will feature 8 workshops on a range of topics. All are currently accepting submissions, with a deadline of 22 January 2019.

W1 – 5th International Workshop of CorNer: Communication for Networked Smart Cities

The workshop brings together experts with interests communications technologies related to smart cities. Traffic volume will be increased due to the number of connected devices: “50 billion devices in 2020”. In addition, further growth of mobile broadband is needed due to additional traffic in communicating machines “1000x in ten years”. This will present another new challenge of spectrum efficiently and energy awareness of the wireless networks. Further details here.

W2 – 2nd International workshop on Dependable Wireless Communications (DEWCOM)

Support for dependable wireless communications in open environments, where multiple devices are contending for the resources, is a challenging task. Future wireless communications must tackle these challenging issues such as low communication reliability, real-time support, security, reachability and fault-tolerance. This workshop will address new design aspects in this class of systems considering new architectures, applications, and communication mechanisms. Further details here.

W3 – First International Workshop on Heterogenous Mobile/Multi-Access Edge Computing (HMEC 2019)

This workshop will cover the theory, platform, protocol, application, and tools for mobile/multi-access edge computing in heterogenous environment. It provides an international and interdisciplinary platform to communicate results of new developments and the feasibility studies of the ideas in hardware and software. Further details here.

W4 – 1st International Workshop on Internet of Autonomous Vehicles (INAVEC)

The Internet of Autonomous Vehicles (IAV) extends the operational benefits of connected vehicles through incorporating intelligent real-time information processing, adaptation, self-learning and self-healing capabilities. There is a need to develop novel techniques to manage and optimise real-time operation of these complex communication platforms in the face of dynamic and uncertain real-world deployment scenarios. This special session aims at bringing together scholars from academia and industry to discuss and present the latest research and findings on all the aspects of IAVs. Further details here.

W5 – Technology Trials and Proof-of-Concept Activities for 5G and Beyond Industry and Academic Panel 2019 (TPoC5G Panel 2019)

The 5th generation (5G) cellular communication systems are going to be launched in 2019. In the 5G standard, key enabling technologies such as massive MIMO, beamforming, or a new radio access technology are specified, and the research and development of those key technologies have been carried out in many research entities. This workshop provides an opportunity to present the latest trials for 5G and the proof-of-concept activities for B5G, as well as perspectives regarding the new directions of B5G. Further details here.

W6 – Swarm Intelligence: Autonomous and Connected Unmanned Aircraft Systems

IEEE VTS recently created an ad hoc committee on drones to promote research among the members of IEEE VTS community in this important discipline. This workshop is the first workshop on the topic of drones from the IEEE VTS Ad Hoc committee that will cover topics related to swarm intelligence. It is run in collaboration with the UAS Science and Research Panel (SARP), a panel of experts from organizations that are performing UAS research to ensure sound technical approaches are being evaluated to facilitate the integration of UAS into the national airspace system (NAS). Further details here.

W7 – Decentralized Technologies and Applications for IoT (D’IoT) Spring 2019

The D’IoT 2019 aims to bring together practitioners and researchers with a specific focus on the emerging trends and industry needs associated with Decentralized technologies and applications for IoT. Both theoretical and experimental submissions are encouraged, and papers should elaborate Decentralized techniques and applications for IoT, issues associated to data preparation, pattern interpretation, visualization, analytics, privacy issues, and new applications. Further details here.

W8 – The 8th International Workshop on High Mobility Wireless Communications (HMWC) 2019

High mobility scenarios such as high-speed trains and highway vehicles results in rapidly time-varying channels, which pose significant challenges in the design of practical systems, including channel modeling, fast handover, location management, synchronization, estimation and equalization, anti-Doppler spread techniques, coding and network capacity, capacity-approaching techniques, dedicated network architectures, distributed antenna techniques, etc. This 8th international workshop aims at fostering fruitful interactions among interested communication engineers, information theorists and system designers from all over the world. Further details here.

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