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12 March, 2019 | TA Resource Center

Lectures from 1st IEEE VTS Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Summer School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Title: Formal Methods and Optimal Control Techniques for Autonomous Vehicles

Speaker:  Jie Fu and Raghu Cowlagi, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA)

Description: Jie Fu: This lecture presents several fundamental concepts of formal methods that can be used to model and analyze the behavior of autonomous vehicles. Additionally, this lecture includes several real-world case studies involving autonomous vehicle technology.
Raghu Cowlagi: In this lecture, optimal control techniques for autonomous vehicles are presented. Starting with fundamental concepts, this lecture will then discuss how these concepts can be applied to current autonomous vehicle technology.

Title: Optimizing V2X Communication in DTV, mmWave and THz Bands

Speaker:  Kaushik Chowdhury, Northeastern University (USA)

Description: This lecture focuses on improving vehicular spectrum sensing accuracy in DTV bands, followed by ways to transmit more number of packets than available time slots using techniques like interference alignment. Unique propagation characteristics of the mmWave and THz bands are studied, and spectrum switching technology using vehicles as physical data mules in urban environments is described.

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