Record Activity for our Distinguished Lecturer Program!

7 May, 2019 | Member Updates
Article by Fabrice Labeau, IEEE VTS Distinguished Lecturers Program Coordinator

In 2018, the VTS Distinguished Lecturers and Distinguished Speakers jointly made more than 80 visits to our chapters worldwide, a new record!

The Class of 2019 Distinguished Lecturers will be appointed starting 1 July 2019 and will be listed on the official VTS DL webpage, where you can find more information about the program, a list of speakers and proposed lecture topics.

Started in 2010, the VTS Distinguished Lecturers (DL) and Distinguished Speakers (DS) programs aims to bring top notch international speakers to our more that 50 VTS chapters around the world.

Covering all areas of interest of the Society, our lecturers and speakers discuss topics on autonomous vehicles, electrical vehicles, wireless networks, cellular systems and many other topics. The Society funds these speakers to travel to VTS chapters around the globe.

Every year, our Distinguished Lecturer Selection committee examines nominations of top figures to join the program. After ending their maximum of two terms as DLs, the most sought-after speakers can also be offered extended terms as Distinguished Speakers; funded at a lower level than our DLs, Distinguished Speakers receive enough support to give lectures in regions close to wherever their other travels take them.

Since the start of the program, Distinguished Speakers and Lectures have carried out more than 200 trips throughout the world, with a continuously increasing intensity and reach.

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