Making the Most of VTS in 5G

11 June, 2019 | Breaking News, Member Updates
Article by Alexander M. Wyglinski, President
For our members that come from industry, VTS offers a collection of services, events, and activities designed to enhance your professional development and growth.

They all provide forums for the dissemination of cutting-edge techniques and knowledge. Several of these are geared towards industry practitioners.

At VTS, your professional development and growth is our first priority!

In addition to the areas listed below, another way of enhancing your professional growth is to become a VTS volunteer.

Volunteering provides an opportunity to contribute to and engage with our community as well as work with other VTS members on conferences, workshops, and summer schools; review of peer-reviewed publications; and chapters operation and management.

By volunteering with VTS, you can learn more about cutting edge topics, network with other experts, and develop new leadership and organizational skills. To learn more about the latest VTS volunteering opportunities, please contact VP—Membership and Volunteer Engagement Committee Chair Richard Yu.

To learn more about enhancing industry engagement within VTS, please contact Industry Engagement Committee Chair Zoran Zvonar.

Industry Tracks

Over the past five years, VTC has held a dedicated industry track: an exciting gathering of world-renowned experts and international industry leaders across various areas of vehicular technology, where the latest insights and knowledge on these topics are shared.

An electrifying industry track was held at VTC2019-Spring in Kuala Lumpur, with day-long sessions on

The next installment will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii at VTC2019-Fall with dedicated sessions on



Networking is an important aspect of an individual’s professional development and growth, connecting with one another, exchanging ideas, and forming productive collaborations. Your local VTS chapter is one excellent way of connecting with other members nearby. At present, there are over 60 local VTS chapters.

Each chapter may organize and host events, meetings, and technical presentations for its members. Another benefit of chapter membership is access to our premier VTS Distinguished Lecture (DL) program, which supports world-renowned experts to travel to our chapters and give presentations on the latest in vehicular technology.

The VTS Resource Center

Education—an important part of professional development and growth—is sometimes difficult with busy company schedules, hard to find the time to travel to a conference or a presentation to learn more about a specific topic.

The VTS Resource Center can bring the conference to the comfort of your own home: online presentations, seminars, and lectures by world-renowned experts in topics such as hybrid electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, wireless vehicular communications and networking, and IoT connected railways. It’s free for VTS members, and available to non-members for a small fee.


Defining how technology functions and interoperates with each other is a critical aspect of the vehicular technology industry, whether it’s 5G communications, connected and autonomous vehicles, railway systems, electric vehicles, or the Internet of Things. VTS is very active in standardization efforts and we are very keen for our members participate.


Join VTS

Membership to VTS offers a vast number of engagement opportunities as well as access to our complete library of online learning tools. If you are not a already a member find out how VTS can help you connect to the Mobile World.

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