EU Legislation on Vehicle Safety

6 August, 2019 | Vehicular Technology
Article by Elisabeth Uhlemann
In a drive to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on EU roads, Internal Market Committee members of the European Parliament (MEPs) aim to install safety features, such as intelligent speed assistance, an advanced emergency-braking system, and an emergency stop signal, as mandatory in all new vehicles.

The draft law extends the scope of the currently applicable requirement to fit passenger cars with a tire pressure monitoring system to cover all vehicle categories. Additionally, vans and SUVs will no longer be exempt from various safety features that, until now, have been required only for ordinary passenger cars.

In February 2019, MEPs approved a set of rules to make several advanced safety features standard in different categories of vehicles sold in the EU market. The proposal adapts the current rules to the changes in mobility behavior resulting from societal trends (e.g., more cyclists and pedestrians, an aging society) and technological developments.

The advanced safety features that will become mandatory in all vehicles are as follows:

  • Intelligent speed assistance
  • Alcohol interlock installation facilitation (i.e. a standardized interface facilitating aftermarket alcohol interlock devices to be fitted in vehicles)
  • A driver drowsiness and attention warning
  • An advanced driver distraction warning
  • An emergency stop signal
  • Reversing detection
  • An accident data recorder

Full article: IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, Volume 14, Number 2, June 2019

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