From the Resource Center: Energy Management for Electric Vehicles

6 August, 2019 | TA Resource Center
Title: Energy Sources and Energy Management for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
 Loïc Boulon, Hydrogen Research Institute

Description: Energy sources are an important latch of electrified vehicles. Classical autonomy and recharge duration for battery vehicles are about 100 to 200 km and several hours, respectively.

To tackle this issue, manufacturers have introduced the hybrid electric Vehicles (which includes electric AND gasoline subsystems). More recently, hydrogen electric vehicles have been launched on the market and promise the same recharge duration and range performances than gasoline vehicles with no local emissions.

This lecture presents the different technology and configuration for the energy sources and the powertrain. The main limitation will be detailed, as well as the internal behaviors to be taken into account for the energy managements.

Indeed, the energy management of a multi-source vehicle has two levels of management:

  1. The local management of each source (temperature for instance)
  2. The power split between the sources toward the global energy management.

These managements are designed to minimize the energy consumption but other criteria should be considered (e.g. lifetime of the subsystems).

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