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6 August, 2019 | Member Updates

IEEE is proud to introduce IEEE DataPort™, a valuable and easily accessible data storage and sharing platform that can significantly enhance your research efforts. Upload and store standard or open-access datasets for free with the option to link your paper submission.

Currently, the main publications of VTS—IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology and IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine—participate in the program, so you can add supplementary materials to your VTS publications.

Further benefits include:

  • 2TB of storage for datasets, scripts, visualizations, related documentation
  • ORCID integration
  • Provides Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
  • Can support and facilitate Data Challenges
  • And much more…

As a valued IEEE VTS member, you are entitled to a FREE automatic subscription to IEEE DataPort, which provides access to all IEEE DataPort datasets. Log in immediately using your IEEE Account ID and start gaining the benefits of IEEE DataPort!

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