Do You Know Who Your VTS Board Members Are?

23 October, 2019 | Breaking News, Member Updates
Article by Alexander M. Wyglinski, President
VTS is all about providing our members with services, events, and activities designed to support their professional development and growth.

These provisions are focused on the subject area of vehicular technology, which includes mobile radio, land transportation, motor vehicles, 5G/6G, electric railway systems, self-driving and connected vehicles, drones, and machine learning for communications.

This wide range of benefits and opportunities are planned and implemented, by-and-large, by VTS volunteers.

These individuals dedicate their time and energy to support our community by organizing conferences, serving as reviewers or editors for one of our peer-reviewed journal publications, operating one of the nearly 60 local chapters worldwide, hosting vehicular technology-specific summer schools and industry summits, and presenting technical talks and seminars.

Given the significant complexity of an organization such as VTS, it is necessary to have some sort of centralized management, such that operations, finances, and strategic initiatives can be efficiently governed to ensure maximum benefit to our members worldwide.

The governing body of VTS is the Board of Governors, or BoG for short, which consists of 15 elected VTS members that serve in this position for a 3-year period; each year, 5 BoG positions come up for election, thereby maintaining both continuity and refreshment of the group. Additionally, there are several appointed (non-voting) board members that serve in specific roles.

The current elected VTS Board of Governors Members are as follows:

All VTS BoG Members are here to serve you and your professional development needs. If you have any ideas, comments, or feedback regarding VTS and its activities—an idea for a new VTS committee or conference, or how to improve a process for setting up a chapter or submitting a journal paper—please feel free to reach out to any one of us; we are here to help!

Moreover, at every Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) event, you will find many, if not all, of the VTS BoG members present, since our board meetings are conducted at the same time at these conferences. VTS BoG members can be readily identified by the “Board Member” ribbon attached to their name tags.

Feel free to talk with any one of the VTS BoG members at the conference, as well as attend our board meetings (except executive sessions).

Find out about what we are doing for VTS, and let us know your thoughts about what can be done to further improve our ability to provide everyone with the best-possible services, events, and activities to support your professional growth!


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