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15 November, 2019 | Breaking News, Member Updates
Article by Alexander M. Wyglinski, IEEE VTS President
IEEE VTS supports the professional development and growth of the over 5000 members worldwide via a wide range of activities, services, and events. You may have attended a VTS-sponsored conference or a local VTS chapter activity, or perhaps you have submitted a technical paper to one of our peer-reviewed journal publications.

You might even have watched one of the many lectures on the latest topics in vehicular technology now available online at our VTS Resource Center at no charge for VTS members. With all of these great opportunities, VTS has something for anyone interested in one of the many areas of vehicular technology.

VTS is currently trying to encourage the organization of three less-common types of community growth in emerging areas of vehicular technology such as self-driving cars and electric vehicles. These activities are usually organized by a motivated team of experts in a specific field of vehicular technology, keen on building up interest with respect to that subject within VTS.

  • Standalone workshops are technical events organized independently of a conference or a symposium. The program of a workshop caters to the general technical community in an effort to encourage discussion on a specific, focused topic. Speakers at these workshops are often world-renowned leaders and experts on the topics covered by the event. An example of a recent VTS standalone workshop is the 2019 IEEE Workshop on Situational Awareness For Emerging Network Enabled Transportation Systems (SAFENETS 2019).
  • Industry summits are tailored to the needs of industry members in our community, and are designed to provide them with the latest advances and insights on an emerging topic. At these events, the speakers are often industry leaders and renowned technical innovators. An example of a recent VTS industry summit is the 2018 IEEE Connected and Automated Vehicle Summit (IEEE CAVS 2018).
  • Summer schools are educational in nature and target university students (graduate and undergraduate) as well as young professionals who have recently graduated from college. The format is along the lines of a single-track series of lectures taught by world-renowned experts. An example of a recent VTS summer school is the IEEE International Summer School on Energetic Efficiency of Connected Vehicles 2017.

To learn more about these types of activities, or if you have an exciting idea for such an event in the near future, please feel free to contact me at

VTS is always enthusiastic about supporting new initiatives led by our members, and we try to support these efforts with society resources and initiative funding if available. These localized and highly focused event formats are an excellent way of supporting the professional development and growth of our members!

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