From the VTS Resource Center: Battery Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

15 November, 2019 | TA Resource Center
Title: Fundamentals of Battery Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Machines and Drives
K.T. Chau, University of Hong Kong

Description: With ever-increasing concern on our environment, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are becoming popular. While electric vehicles (EVs) involve multidisciplinary technologies, one of their key technologies is machines and drives.

In this lecture, an overview of EV machines and drives will be given. Firstly, the definition of various types of EVs as well as their key merits and shortcomings will be presented. Then, the system configurations of BEVs and HEVs will be introduced.

Secondly, the existing motor drives for BEVs, including the DC motor, induction motor, permanent-magnet (PM) synchronous motor and PM brushless DC motor, will be discussed. Then, some emerging motor drives such as the stator-PM motor, vernier PM motor and magnetless motor will be introduced.

Thirdly, the main machine system for HEVs, namely the planetary-geared electronic continuously variable transmission (ECVT), will be described. Meanwhile, some emerging machine systems such as the double-rotor ECVT and magnetic-geared ECVT will be introduced.

Finally, the development trend of EV machines and drives will be revealed.

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