VTC2019-Fall Best Paper Awards

15 November, 2019 | Events & Conferences

Article by J. R. Cruz, IEEE VTS Vice-President—Conferences

IEEE VTC2019-Fall Best Paper Awards

The award for Best Overall VTC2019-Fall Paper went to Stephan Jaeckel, Nick Turay, Leszek Raschkowski, Lars Thiele, Risto Vuohtoniemi, Marko Sonkki, Veikko Hovinen, Frank Burkhardt, Prasanth Karunakaran, and Thomas Heyn, for their paper titled “Industrial Indoor Measurements from 2-6 GHz for the 3GPP-NR and QuaDRiGa Channel Model.” The award was presented to Stephan Jaeckel, who accepted the award on behalf of his colleagues.

VTC2019-Fall Best Paper

VTC2019-Fall Best Student Paper

The award for Best VTC2019-Fall Student Paper was given to Zhangfeng Ma, Bo Ai, Ruisi He, and Zhangdui Zhong for their paper titled “A 3D Air-to-Air Wideband Non-Stationary Channel Model of UAV Communications.” The award was presented to Zhangfeng Ma, who accepted the award on behalf of his colleagues.

A hearty congratulations to all of the award winners!


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