Study Group on Millimeter-Wave Channel Sounders

16 March, 2020 | Member Updates
Article by Dave Michelson, VTS Propagation Committee Chair
The VTS Propagation Committee is leading an effort to develop an IEEE Standard on Recommended Practices for Verification of Millimeter-Wave Channel Sounders.

The IEEE Standards Study Group on Millimeter-Wave Channel Sounders is co-chaired by Prof. Dave Michelson of the University of British Columbia and Dr. Jeanne Quimby of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

This effort seeks to fill an important gap in the channel sounding literature.

Keysight Technologies, National Instruments, and Rohde & Schwarz have already pledged their support for the effort, and have nominated employees to contribute to the proposed standard.

The Committee seeks qualified volunteers to join the Study Group and contribute to the development of the Project Authorization Request (PAR) and elevation to a full Working Group.

For more information, please contact VTS Propagation Committee Chair Dave Michelson.

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