Call for Series Editor: IEEE Press

9 July, 2020 | Member Updates
Article by Peter Chong, IEEE Press VTS Liaison
IEEE Press supports a book series for IEEE Vehicular Technology Society on vehicular technology. The IEEE Press Series on Vehicular Technology focuses on books published by VTS members that would provide a more comprehensive and in-depth treatment of specific topics related to the Society’s fields of interest.

Currently, the Series Editor position is vacant. For this role, we are seeking someone who has extensive experience in relevant research areas, and who preferably has experience in book publishing.

The successful candidate will work to maintain quality and guide the development of the series as the field evolves.

General duties and responsibilities of this position include:

  • Provide technical and scientific expertise on ‘Vehicular Technologies’ as defined by IEEE VTS’ fields of interest (download the brochure for a detailed list) to develop world-class technical and reference books
  • Recruit authors, review proposals, and assist in identifying technical reviewers of proposals, and complete book publishing
  • Provide input to the IEEE Press VTS Liaison on strategic planning, e.g., identifying potential topics on emerging technologies
  • Work closely with the IEEE Press VTS Liaison and IEEE Press Editor-in-Chief

If you are interested in this position, please email me, Peter Chong, IEEE Press VTS Liaison.


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