From OJVT: 6G: Connecting Everything by 1000 Times Price Reduction

14 October, 2020 | Publications
Article by Shunqing Zhang, Chenlu Xiang, and Shugong Xu
The commercial deployment of 5G communication networks makes the industry and academia to seriously consider the possible solutions for the next generation. Although the conventional approach indicates that 6G vision and requirements can be figured out by simply multiplying a certain amount of magnitude on top of the previous generations, we argue in this article that 1000 times price reduction from the customer’s view point is the key to success.

Guided by this vision, we categorize the current candidate technologies in a well-organized manner and select AI-assisted intelligent communications as an example to elaborate the drive-force behind. Although it is impossible to identify every detail of 6G during the current time frame, we believe this article will help to eliminate the technical uncertainties and aggregate the efforts towards key breakthrough innovations for 6G.

Full Article: IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology, Volume 1, March 2020

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