From IEEE OJVT – Driving Simulation Technology

26 January, 2021 | Publications, Vehicular Technology
Article by Lucas Bruck, Bruce Haycock, and Ali Emadi
Full title: A Review of Driving Simulation Technology and Applications

Driving simulation has become a very useful tool for vehicle design and research in industry and educational institutes. This paper provides a review of driving simulator components, including the vehicle dynamics model, the motion system, and the virtual environment, and how they interact with the human perceptual system in order to create the illusion of the driving.

In addition, a sample of current state-of-the-art vehicle simulators and algorithms are described. Finally, current applications are discussed, such as driver-centered studies, chassis and powertrain design, and autonomous systems development.

Full Article: IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology, Volume 2, January 2020

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