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12 April, 2021 | Member Updates
Lian Zhao, VTS Toronto Chapter Chair
The IEEE VTS Toronto Chapter currently has 55 members and is situated in Toronto, Canada. The current officers are:

Lian Zhao, Chair, Ryerson University, Canada

Khalid Hafeez, Vice-chair (External), Ontario Tech University, Canada

Ajmery Sultana, Vice-chair (Membership Engagement), Ryerson University, Canada

The IEEE Toronto Section, parent section to VTS Toronto, is the largest in Canada, and one of the largest IEEE sections in the world. Historically, VTS and 7 other IEEE Societies formed a joint IEEE chapter (Signals & Computational Intelligence Chapter) in the IEEE Toronto Section. But in June 2018, VTS Toronto formed to become a standalone VTS Chapter.

VTS Toronto holds numerous meetings, Distinguished Lectures, and mini-workshops each year. Some past lectures include:

  • Deep Learning Based Wireless Resource Allocation, by Geoffrey Y. Li, IEEE Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology., October 2019
  • Stochastic Dynamic Programming for Network Resource Allocation, by Rosa Zheng, IEEE Fellow, Lehigh University, September 2019
  • A Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Heterogeneous Social Networks, by Phone Lin, IEEE Fellow, National Taiwan University, September 2018
  • Design Alternatives for Reliable and Scalable Data Acquisitions from IoT Domains, by Jelena Misic, IEEE Fellow, Ryerson University, September 2018
  • Ambient Backscatter: A New Approach to Improve Network Performance for RF-Powered Cognitive Ratio Networks, by Ping Wang, York University, September 2018
  • Multi-hop Wireless Pipeline Powering Internet-of-Things, by Lin Cai, IEEE Fellow, Victoria University, August 2018
  • Connected Things for Intelligence, Communications, Computing and Control (ICCC), by Michael (Yuguang) Fang, IEEE Fellow, University of Florida, March 2017
  • VANET and Relay-by-Smartphone, by Nei Kato, IEEE Fellow, Tohoku University, September 2016
  • MAC Protocol Design for IoT Applications (online), by Jie Gao, Marquette University, August 2020

Jelena Misic delivering her lecture to chapter members in VTS Toronto’s usual meeting space in 2018.

The VTS Toronto Chapter is pleased to announce multiple Talk Series, starting Spring 2021. The inaugural series are as follows:

  • Distinguished Lecturer Series: Dr. Shahrokh Valaee, University of Toronto, Research on Cooperative Self-Driving Vehicles at University of Toronto, 27 April 2021
  • Women-in-Engineering Series: Dr. Fatima Hussain, Royal Bank Canada, Behavior Modelling and Insider Threat Identification and Remediation along with Cutting Edge Enterprise Level Tools and Frameworks, to be followed by a live interview to share and discuss professional career development, 13 April 2021
  • Rising-Star Series: Haixia Peng and Huaqing Wu, University of Waterloo, 23 and 30 March 2021, respectively. They present and summarize their research during their 4-year PhD studies, in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled IoV (Internet of Vehicles) networks and integrated space-air-ground vehicular networks.

These events will enable chapter members to exchange research and to network, expanding their personal and professional growth, promoting membership development and engagement, encouraging and guiding young researchers for their career development, and motivating and promoting women’s career development in engineering.

We are currently in the planning and preparation stages of the fall edition of these series, with the overarching theme of “Connected and Intelligent Vehicles.” Event program and details will be announced in the summer of 2021.

VTS Toronto actively supports IEEE conferences, having served as a main local supporter and provider of volunteer and local arrangement services for IEEE VTC2017-Fall and IEEE INFOCOM 2014, which were held in Toronto. We look forward to similar activities for future events held in the Toronto area.

Visit the IEEE VTS Toronto Chapter page for more details.

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