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12 April, 2021 | Member Updates

Dear IEEE VTS Members,

As IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society President, and a fellow active IEEE Vehicular Technology Society member, I would like to personally invite you to join IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) for the remainder of the year.

A discounted combined membership will be offered in 2022. For now, consider adding ITSS at no additional cost today.

Membership in IEEE ITSS provides great opportunities to learn, network, and stay current in the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) field.

Our focus covers the theoretical, experimental, and operational aspects of electrical and electronics engineering and information technologies as applied to intelligent transportation systems.

To accept the offer for complimentary membership in IEEE ITSS, simply click the link below sign in with your IEEE Account. The membership will be in your cart.

Unlock your ITSS membership

Join us at our acclaimed flagship conferences and sub-specialization events, and hear all about the latest advances in the field.

Get involved by taking part in one of the ITSS Chapters around the world.

edu.ITSS: Take advantage of a growing range of specialized courses by area experts and develop relevant skills for research and industry.

Submit your accomplishments for recognition through prestigious annual professional awards.

Membership includes:

Print and electronic access to the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine

Electronic access to:

Subscription to the IEEE Electrification Magazine via the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Digital Library

Please visit our website to learn more about membership products and services and how to contact us.

We hope that you consider trying ITSS for the remainder of 2021 and then continue on for years to come and become an active member of both VTS and ITSS going forward.

Wei-Bin Zhang, President
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society

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Membership to VTS offers a vast number of engagement opportunities as well as access to our complete library of online learning tools. If you are not a already a member find out how VTS can help you connect to the Mobile World.

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