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15 June, 2021 | Member Updates

In 2018, IEEE VTS created the Ad Hoc Committee on Electric Railway Systems. Chaired by Jianghua Feng (CRRC Zhuzhou Institute), the objectives of the IEEE VTS Electric Railway Systems Committee are to grow an electric railways system community within IEEE, and to support this community through a range of activities to help members learn about, explore, and expand the current state of the art of this rapidly-emerging technology.

The Committee’s field of interest covers technology and systems relating to:

  • High-speed rail
  • Urban transit
  • Heavy haul freight
  • Metro
  • Fixed guideway transit
  • Electric railway systems, including the components and systems used in both automated and non-automated systems

The Committee focuses on these aspects as applied to the above list:

  • Communications
  • Train control
  • Cybersecurity
  • Simulation and modeling
  • Traction power and distribution
  • Overhead contact systems and other feeding systems
  • Power systems
  • System safety
  • Reliability
  • Environmental and system requirements

Committee activities include the organization of technical conferences, creation of standards, and formation of journal publications. We started the Electric Railway Workshop in 2019 to advance the Committee’s objectives.

Co-located with the IEEE Vehicular Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC), this workshop has become a key event for the international railway community, both in industry and academia. Its typical format consists of a keynote speaker, several oral and poster sessions, and a panel session; its focus aligns with the field of interest of the Committee as listed above.

Please email Vice-Chair Pablo Arboleya to participate in the Committee and events such as the Electric Railway Workshop.

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