Message from VP Publications: Rankings Continue to Climb

10 August, 2021 | Member Updates, Publications
Weihua Zhuang
VTS publications play a significant role in promoting R&D activities in the VT community.

Our main technical journals—IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (TVT), IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (VTM), and IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology (OJVT)—provide a high-quality and high-impact venue for the researchers and engineers to publish new studies in the latest R&D frontier.

We are pleased to announce that, effective June 2021, VTS members will be offered additional financial benefits from publishing in our journals. We hope this value encourages all members to participate more in VTS publishing activities. VTS members now may enjoy:

  • One additional free page (or USD 220 discount in the overlength page charge) of a TVT paper
  • Article processing charge (APC) discount of 30% for an OJVT paper

A popular numeric metric of journal impact is the impact factor, calculated by dividing the number of citations to the journal in the most recent year by the number of papers published in the journal over a period of the two most recent years.

According to the 2020 Journal Citation Reports released by Clarivate Analytics in June 2021, both TVT and VTM have a high impact factor in 2020, which is 5.978 for TVT and 10.384 for VTM, ranking top 29th and 12th among the corresponding 316 and 273 indexed journals respectively in electrical and electronic engineering. The table below shows the impact factor of the journals in the past five years.

On behalf of the VTS Board of Governors, I would like to thank the TVT and VTM Editors-in-Chief, Nei Kato and Javier Gozálvez, and their editorial teams for these great achievements! As a new journal, the OJVT does not have an impact factor yet.

Impact Factor   2016   2017   2018   2019   2020
TVT 4.066 4.432 5.339 5.379 5.978
VTM 4.429 6.038 6.145 7.921 10.384

To serve the VT community, and in compliance with open access mandates of research funding agencies, VTS launched the new VT Section within IEEE Access in November 2020. The journal has an impact factor of 3.367. So far, we have published 6 papers in the VT Section. Papers published in the VT Section benefit from increased readership due to more awareness and attention from the VT community, and from IEEE promotion activities.

Furthermore, our new open access journal, IEEE OJVT, has been growing at a fast pace, thanks to the strong leadership of Editor-in-Chief Sumei Sun, and the dedication of her editorial board. This journal published 26 papers in 2020 and 24 papers in the first half of this year. In addition to regular papers, it aims at special sections in emerging technical areas, including:

Innovative Components for Vehicle Electrification

to appear in August 2021

Distributed Intelligence for Future Vehicular Networks

to appear in the 4th quarter 2021

With open access, both the OJVT and VT Section in IEEE Access provide researchers and engineers with an exciting opportunity to benefit from the high popularity of the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library, which has 5 million unique monthly users.

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