From IEEE OJVT: Post-COVID-19 Era ICT Framework

14 September, 2021 | Publications
Celimuge Wu, Chunrong Peng, Zhaoyang Du, Liming Gao, Tsutomu Yoshinaga, and Yusheng Ji
Full title—Toward Agile Information and Communication Framework for the Post-COVID-19 Era

In order to satisfy new normal life styles in the post-COVID-19 era, an efficient information and communication technology (ICT) framework is required to collect, process, and utilize data for the purpose of satisfying increasing user demand in communications and computing while providing a functionality of responding quickly to pandemic.

We propose an ICT framework that is capable to support diverse application requirements based on ambient communication, resilient computing, and agile control technologies. Computer simulations are conducted to evaluate the fundamental functionalities of the proposed framework by using a case study where data are exchanged and processed among different network entities in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) empowered vehicular environments.

The simulation results show that the proposed approach can outperform existing baselines in various conditions.

Full Article: IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology, Volume 2, August 2021

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