Mobile Radio – Patient-Researcher Connection via 5G

14 September, 2021 | Mobile Communications, Publications
Claudio Casetti
On 12 May 2021, AT&T announced the setup of a new private 5G network helping to revolutionize the way patients and researchers connect at the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine at the University of Southern California.

The on-site 5G network provides ultrafast connectivity for patient-centered cancer research, treatment, and wellness education. The Ellison Institute is among the first medical facilities in the United States using 5G to help advance cancer research.

Part of the mission of the Ellison Institute is to use technology to create an immersive, first-of-its-kind experience for patients, visitors, clinicians, and students. 5G connectivity is at the core of that goal. Reliable wireless communications—provided through a private 5G network using low-band spectrum—allows for wall-to-wall coverage inside the Ellison Institute with enough capacity for thousands of users.

Full Article: IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, Volume 16, Number 3, September 2021

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