Standards: New Initiatives on Ultrawideband

11 October, 2021 | Publications
Edward Au
The IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Specialty Networks is a working group of the IEEE 802 LAN/ MAN Standards Committee of the IEEE Computer Society. It is chartered to develop interoperability standards addressing wireless networking for emerging Internet of Things applications.

Among the many standards the working group has been developing, IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE Standard for LowRate Wireless Networks, is one of the popular ones whose technology is used for many different higher-layer standards, such as ZigBee, Wireless Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART), and 6LoWPAN.

IEEE 802.15.4 defines the physical layer (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) sublayer specifications for low-data-rate, low-power, and lowcomplexity wireless connectivity with fixed, portable, and moving devices with no or very limited battery consumption requirements. In addition, it defines operating modes that support precision ranging capability, which can be accurate to 1 m.

Full Article: IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, Volume 16, Number 3, September 2021

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