From the IEEE OJVT: ECC of Generalized Fading Channels with Mobility

20 December, 2021 | Publications
Valentine A. Aalo, Petros S. Bithas, and George Efthymoglou
Full title—Ergodic Capacity of Generalized Fading Channels with Mobility

We consider the ergodic channel capacity (ECC) of several generalized fading channels for a mobile user that moves inside a coverage area according to the random waypoint (RWP) mobility model. The ECC with RWP mobility provides the average capacity of a mobile receiver taking into account the probability density function (PDF) of the distance between the user and the transmitting antenna, the path loss exponent and the fading channel.

It turns out that the ECC in a mobile environment can be written in terms of the corresponding ECC in the static case. Therefore, we use analytical expressions of the ECC of different generalized fading models for the static channel to derive the corresponding analytical expressions for the ECC in the mobile case.

Asymptotic expressions, in the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) regime, are also provided that quickly converge to the exact ones. Monte Carlo simulation is also used to show the validity of the derived expressions. The analytical exact and asymptotic expressions enable the system designer to quantify the effect of different physical channel and mobility parameters on the attained average capacity of generalized fading channels.

Full Article: IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology, Early Access

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