From the IEEE TVT: Blockchain System in Vehicular Networks

20 December, 2021 | Publications
Soojin Lee and Seung-Hyun Seo
Full title—Design of a Two Layered Vehicle Reputation Blockchain System in Vehicular Networks

Vehicles on the road, where an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is built, can share a lot of traffic information and drive more safely and efficiently through data sharing. Since incorrect information misleads vehicles and causes confusion in traffic, a vehicular trust model is needed to check the messages trustworthiness while considering the vehicles properties and protecting its privacy.

In this paper, we proposed a two-layer blockchain-based vehicle reputation system, which consists of a local one-day message blockchain and a global vehicle reputation blockchain. It can administrate the reputation score securely and preserve the vehicles partial privacy.

The proposed model efficiently manages local traffic information through the local one-day blockchain, reducing the memory overhead of vehicles. As the vehicles actual identity and activities in other areas are hidden by using one-time public keys, partial privacy of the vehicle is preserved. According to the activity of the vehicle, the vehicles reputation score is updated and stored permanently in the global reputation blockchain.

We also suggested the location-based practical byzantine fault tolerance (LPBFT), a new consensus algorithm for fast block generating. The LPBFT lowers message propagation time through location-based primary node selection and is about 1.4 times faster than existing PBFT. The simulation results show the efficiency and the feasibility of LPBFT and our proposed protocol.

Full Article: IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Early Access

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