Seeking Testimony of VTS Pioneers

14 January, 2022 | Member Updates
Dave Michelson, VTS History Committee Chair

Nominate a VTS Pioneer for the VTS Oral History Initiative

IEEE VTS is currently soliciting nominations for individuals to be interviewed under the VTS Oral History Initiative. Abridged transcriptions of the interviews will be considered for inclusion in a commemorative volume that will celebrate the 75th anniversary of VTS in 2024.

Nominations should include the name of the individual, whether the individual is an IEEE or VTS member, their complete contact information, and a brief (< 100 words) summary of the topics or issues related to either vehicular technology in general or IEEE VTS in particular about which they have first-hand knowledge or experience to share.

Our goal is to reveal the human side of the history of vehicular technology and to understand why today’s world evolved as it has.

To be considered in the first round, nominations should be submitted no later than 28 February 2022.

To submit a nomination, or for more information, please contact VTS History Committee Chair Dave Michelson.

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