Executive Committee

Name Position
Alexander M. Wyglinski President
Abbas Jamalipour Executive Vice President
Nicholas Kirsch Treasurer
James Irvine Secretary
Richard Yu Vice President—Membership
J.R. Cruz Vice President—Conferences
Weihua Zhuang Vice President—Publications
Fabrice Labeau Senior Past President
Javier Gozálvez Junior Past President

Elected Board Members

Name Term
J.R. Cruz 2017 – 2019
Bih Yuan Ku 2017 – 2019
Abbas Jamalipour 2017 – 2019
Fabrice Labeau 2017 – 2019
Richard Yu 2017 – 2019
Alexander M. Wyglinski 2018 – 2020
Javier Gozálvez 2018 – 2020
James Irvine 2018 – 2020
Weihua Zhuang 2018 – 2020
Lajos Hanzo 2018 – 2020
Gerhard Bauch 2019 – 2021
Lin Cai 2019 – 2021
Neeli R. Prasad 2019 – 2021
Gordon L. Stuber 2019 – 2021
David Thurston 2019 – 2021

Standing Committees

Name Position
Abbas Jamalipour Long Range Planning Committee Chair
Fellows Committee Chair
Alain Bouscayrol Vehicular Power & Propulsion Technical Committee Chair
Bob Shapiro Land Mobile Radio Chair
Dave Michelson Propagation Committee Chair
Douglas Coates Publicity Chair
Gary Touryan Vice President—Land Transportation
Gordon L. Stuber Awards Committee Chair
Jae Hong Lee Vice President—Mobile Radio
Javier Gozálvez VT Magazine Editor-in-Chief
Nominations Committee Chair
Loic Boulon Vice President—Motor Vehicles
Marina Aguado Education Committee Chair
Mianxiong Dong Student Fellowship Committee Chair
Nei Kato VT Transactions Editor-in-Chief
Oliver Holland Chapters Committee Chair
Thomas M. Kurihara Standards Committee Chair
Tom Rubinstein Constitution & Bylaws Committee Chair
Weihua Zhuang DL Selection Committee Chair
Yue-Yun Wang IEEE-USA Government Relations Policy Committee Members, Committee #1) Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Policy
Zoran Zvonar Industry Engagement Committee Chair
Sumei Sun Open Journal of Vehicular Technology Editor-in-Chief

Ad-Hoc Committees

Name Position
Jiang Fenghua AdHoc Committee on Electric Railways
Kamesh Namuduri AdHoc Committee on Drones
Yue Wang AdHoc Committee on Autonomous Vehicles
Tony Quek AdHoc Committee on Deep Learning for Wireless Communications
Carmela Cozzo AdHoc Committee on Women and Diversity

Liaison Representatives

Name Position
Abbas Jamalipour IEEE IoT Initiative
Bala Natarajan CRFID Liaison
IEEE Smart Grid Initiative
Carmela Cozzo IEEE WIE Representative
Dave Michelson COMSOC Liaison
Peter Chong IEEE Press
Fabrice Labeau IEEE Green ICT Initiative
James Irvine IEEE EAB Representative
Syed Hassan Ahmed IEEE Young Professionals Program Representative
Thanuka Wickramarathne IEEE Sensors Council