The Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) looks to provide the best quality information and services to its members. To do so they are managed by the VTS Board of Governors and bound by the Constitution and Bylaws.

The VTS Board of Governors (BoG) is a 15-member body which has the responsibility for managing all aspects of the society, including oversight of publication, membership, and conference activities, as well as the election of the VTS President. BoG members have three-year terms, with five new members being elected each year, on a rotating basis. The BoG holds three meetings yearly: two meetings usually concurrent and co-located with the Vehicular Technology Conferences, and a January/February meeting held in the U.S.


The Vehicular Technology Society – Constitution

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The Vehicular Technology Society – Bylaws

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Please note: Some sections of these bylaws have been changed or added recently and, while they have been fully approved, are not expected to go into effect until approximately April 2018.