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CALL FOR PAPERS – Special Issue on 6G: What is Next? – IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (Impact Factor: 6.038)

19 November, 2018 | Publications

Article by  Javier Gozalvez, EiC VTM We are undoubtedly witnessing the transition into the 4th industrial revolution. Societies are becoming ever more data- centric and data-dependent. The increasing data-dependence of future economies poses a severe challenge on mitigating the digital divide to avoid an unequal distribution of wealth. Radical automation of industrial manufacturing processes will driveRead More

6G Vision and Requirements: Is There Any Need for Beyond 5G?

7 October, 2018 | Publications

Reviewed by Richard Yu, Associate EiC, VTS Mobile World To address the question in the article’s title, the authors start by discussing earlier mobile communication systems, beginning with the first analog wireless cellular standards, then moving on to second generation (2G) [or Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)], passing third generation (3G) and fourth generationRead More

Message from the VP—Publications: Serving the VT Community

7 August, 2018 | Publications

Article by Weihua Zhuang, IEEE VTS Vice President—Publications As a popular numeric metric of journal citations, the impact factor is calculated as the number of citations to the journal divided by the number of papers published in the journal over a period of the two most recent years. In June 2018, the Web of ScienceRead More

Conference Preview – Joint Rail Conference 2018 (JRC)

17 April, 2018 | Events & Conferences, Publications

The 2018 Joint Rail Conference (JRC 2018) will take place 18-20 April 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA. This international conference is the premier technical event in North America including all discipline for freight and passenger rail transportation; mechanical, electrical, civil, and systems engineering, as well as rail safety, planning, design, manufacturing, financing, operations, and management. PapersRead More

Transportation Systems – Melbourne, Australia Renews Keolis Contract

17 April, 2018 | Publications, Railroad & Mass Transit

By Harvey Glickenstein On 12 September 2017, Keolis’s Australian subsidiary, Keolis Downer, was awarded a renewal of its contract to operate Yarra Trams on behalf of the Victorian government in Melbourne, Australia. Yarra trams is the largest tram network in the world. The renewal took place on 30 November 2017 and will expire in 2024.Read More

Mobile Radio – 5G Readiness and Business Opportunities

17 April, 2018 | Mobile Communications, Publications, Uncategorized

By Matthias Pätzold Ericsson has released its “5G Readiness Survey 2017”. The report shows that many operators have accelerated preparations for the new technology and that trials are being carried out by 78% of the respondents. Furthermore, 28% expect to deploy fifth generation (5G) in 2018. The survey also shows that operators have further developedRead More

Connected Vehicles – The Battle of Technologies or the Battle of Business Models

17 April, 2018 | Mobile Communications, Publications

By Elisabeth Uhlemann There has been heated debate about the 5.9-GHz frequency band dedicated to cooperative intelligent transportation systems (C-ITSs). Spectrum is limited, and the free bands at 2.45 GHz are becoming crowded. Because of this, operators in the European Union seek access to the band for fifth generation (5G), while, in the United States.Read More

From the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine – Securing the Connected Car: A Security-Enhancement Methodology

17 April, 2018 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

Reviewed by Richard Yu, Associate EiC A new era is upon us—an era where Internet connectivity is available everywhere and at all times. Cars have become very complex computer systems with about 100 million lines of code and more than 100 electronic control units (ECUs) interconnected to control everything, including steering, acceleration, brakes, and otherRead More

Motor Vehicles Report – Modular Energy Systems for Vehicular Applications

17 April, 2018 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

By Arash Kalatbarisoltani, Loïc Boulon, David Lupien St-Pierre Electric sources are widely used in order to design cleaner vehicles (batteries, fuel cell systems, ultra-capacitors, etc.). However, numerous electrified vehicles are produced in small series and the design of a specific energy source for a given vehicle is both time consuming and expensive. In this way,Read More

New Video: Resource Center Video – Railway Communications Technologies and Services

17 April, 2018 | Breaking News, Publications, TA Resource Center

VTS members can enjoy for free the following new lectures available on the VTS Resource Center. You will need to sign in with your IEEE account to view the videos. Title: Overview of Railway Communications: Technologies and Services Speakers: Juan Moreno, César Briso Rodriguez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Description: In railways there are many communications systems, technologiesRead More

Motor Vehicles Report – Smart balancing systems

12 March, 2018 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

Smart balancing systems: an ultimate solution to the weakest cell problem? By Jorge Varela Barreras, Damien Frost, David A. Howey, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK The series connection of cells in a battery pack, like in any chain, means that performance is limited by the weakest cell. If the cells were identical, thisRead More

Distinguished Lecturer Program – Call for Nominations

12 March, 2018 | Member Updates, Publications

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) launched the Distinguished Lecturer (DL) program in July 2011. The program has been very successful in providing VTS chapters throughout the world with presentations by leading experts on topics of interest and importance to the Vehicular Technology membership community. We are accepting DL nominations for 2018 class. The appointmentRead More