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Standards: New Initiatives on Ultrawideband

11 October, 2021 | Publications

Edward Au The IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Specialty Networks is a working group of the IEEE 802 LAN/ MAN Standards Committee of the IEEE Computer Society. It is chartered to develop interoperability standards addressing wireless networking for emerging Internet of Things applications. Among the many standards the working group has been developing, IEEERead More

Connected and Automated Vehicles – Current Challenges in the Automotive Industry

11 October, 2021 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

Katrin Sjoberg The COVID-19 pandemic is still holding the world in a stranglehold. Large-scale vaccination is in different stages throughout nations globally, and countries that have come far in terms of vaccinating the population are slowly beginning to open up. The commercial vehicle industry sells more vehicles than it can produce for the moment—a sortRead More

Mobile Radio – 5G Reaches Critical Mass

11 October, 2021 | Mobile Communications, Publications

Claudio Casetti In the years that led to the deployment of 5G networks, people often read of the envisioned transformative power of 5G in everyday life, with examples usually drawn from health care, entertainment, and automation. As explored in this column, these promises are finally coming to fruition as more trials and near-commercial deployments showcaseRead More


11 October, 2021 | Publications

Tejasvi Alladi, Bhavya Gera, Ayush Agrawal, Vinay Chamola, and Richard Yu Full title—DeepADV: A Deep Neural Network Framework for Anomaly Detection in VANETs We are seeing a growth in the number of connected vehicles in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) to achieve the goal of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). This is leading to a connected vehicularRead More

From IEEE OJVT: Index Modulation Multiple-Access (IMMA)

11 October, 2021 | Publications

Said El-Khamy, Hassan M. Elragal, and Remon Polus Full title—Index Modulation Multiple-Access (IMMA): Efficient Techniques for Downlink Millimeter Waves Outdoor Channel In this paper, we propose two new multiple-access schemes for downlink system based on the combination of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) with index modulation (IM), namely OFDM-IM. In the first proposed technique, namely,Read More

Mobile Radio – Patient-Researcher Connection via 5G

14 September, 2021 | Mobile Communications, Publications

Claudio Casetti On 12 May 2021, AT&T announced the setup of a new private 5G network helping to revolutionize the way patients and researchers connect at the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine at the University of Southern California. The on-site 5G network provides ultrafast connectivity for patient-centered cancer research, treatment, and wellness education.Read More

Connected and Automated Vehicles – Coexistence of V2X Technologies

14 September, 2021 | Publications

Katrin Sjoberg The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standardization in Europe has developed two technical reports on coexistence between Dedicated Short-Range Communications (called Intelligent Transportation Systems-G5 in Europe) and Long-Term Evolution-V2X. One report describes a framework for sharing available spectrum at 5.9 GHz by prioritizing different technologies on frequency channels. The other technical report hasRead More

From IEEE TVT: Research in Deep Neural Networks

14 September, 2021 | Publications

Sangseok Yun, Jae-Mo Kang, Sooyong Choi, and Il-Min Kim Full title—Cooperative Inference of DNNs Over Noisy Wireless Channels This work studies cooperative inference of deep neural networks (DNNs), in which the inference process is performed in a cooperative manner by an edge device and an edge server. In particular, a practical noisy wireless channel betweenRead More

From IEEE OJVT: Post-COVID-19 Era ICT Framework

14 September, 2021 | Publications

Celimuge Wu, Chunrong Peng, Zhaoyang Du, Liming Gao, Tsutomu Yoshinaga, and Yusheng Ji Full title—Toward Agile Information and Communication Framework for the Post-COVID-19 Era In order to satisfy new normal life styles in the post-COVID-19 era, an efficient information and communication technology (ICT) framework is required to collect, process, and utilize data for the purposeRead More

Message from VP Publications: Rankings Continue to Climb

10 August, 2021 | Member Updates, Publications

Weihua Zhuang VTS publications play a significant role in promoting R&D activities in the VT community. Our main technical journals—IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (TVT), IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (VTM), and IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology (OJVT)—provide a high-quality and high-impact venue for the researchers and engineers to publish new studies in the latestRead More

Call for IEEE Press Book Series Editor

10 August, 2021 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

Peter Chong, IEEE Press VTS Liaison IEEE Press supports a book series for IEEE Vehicular Technology Society on vehicular technology. The IEEE Press Series on Vehicular Technology focuses on books published by VTS members that would provide a more comprehensive and in-depth treatment of specific topics related to the Society’s fields of interest. Currently, the Book Series EditorRead More

From IEEE VTM: Autonomous Bus Driving

10 August, 2021 | Publications

Rui Oliveira, Pedro Lima, Marcello Cirillo, and Bo Wahlberg Full title—Autonomous Bus Driving: A Novel Motion-Planning Approach This article presents a motion-planning framework that leverages expert bus driver behavior, increasing the safety and maneuverability of autonomous buses. Autonomous vehicles will increase the safety, quality, and efficiency of transportation systems. However, to deploy this technology inRead More