Duties of Chapter Officers

An active IEEE chapter serves the Society’s members in a given section or regional council, as well as interested non-members. Technical speakers provide insight into the latest happenings in the field and the meetings provide a venue for one to network with fellow engineers with similar professional interests. All chapter chairpersons must be members of the IEEE and of the Society. The duties of the chapter chairperson are the following:

  • Locate technical speakers for the chapter meetings.
  • Arrange no-cost location for technical meetings.
  • Advertise meeting.
  • Write and submit notice to local Section or Council newsletter and Society or Council Web Page. Use direct mailing if appropriate. Do not rely exclusively on e-mail unless you are certain that all members can be reached in that manner.
  • If your Section or Council provides funding for it, provide refreshments for attendees (optional).
  • Hold technical chapter meetings at least 2, preferably 4 or more times per year.
  • If your Section or Council provides funding for it, take speaker to pre-meeting dinner (optional).
  • Fill out L-31 form for each meeting and to IEEE.
  • Keep the VTS Chapters Coordinator and the VTS Webmaster apprised of changes in the identities of chapter officers and of the URL of the chapter web page.
  • Ensure chapter consists of 10 IEEE members.
  • Hold non-technical (planning, business, social) chapter meetings (optional).

NOTE: The Society may reimburse speaker’s travel or lodging expenses, but only for speakers in the Distinguished Lecturer Program and only by prior arrangement. Inquire with your local Section or Council whether it will assist in cases where the Society does not.

Additional Resources for Chapter Officers

Volunteer resources at IEEE Geographic Unit Operations Resources at IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA), including:

  • SAMIEEE allows you to query a database of your members
  • vTools allow you to plan, publicize and report on your chapter meetings

IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) offers self-paced training for volunteers, including modules for chapter officers.