The Vehicular Technology Society is run almost entirely by volunteer members. The roles that volunteers play are essential to the day to day operation of VTS activities, but also to the directions and strategic priorities of the society.

Volunteering with IEEE VTS is an opportunity to take on leadership roles, grow your professional network, and gain recognition from your peers.

Volunteer opportunities

Participate in Society leadership – Election to the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the Society’s governing body. It is responsible for setting Society strategic directions, implementing these directions, and for general oversight of Society activities. Each year, elections are run to fill 5 positions on the Board. Members are elected for a 3-year term and are expected to take an active role in Society leadership. The commitment includes attending three in-person meetings per year, in varying locations around the world. For more information see the Board of Governors page.

Coordinate Society operations – VTS Standing Administrative Committees

VTS standing administrative committees report to the Board of Governors for specific areas of Society activities, including coordination of chapters and chapter development, selection of candidates for Society awards, review of applications for IEEE Fellow title, etc. These committees and their roles are listed in section VIII.3 of the Society by-laws Most standing committees welcome the addition of new active members. Committee members should ideally have some relevant prior experience in the committee’s field within the IEEE, but this is not a requirement. For more information, contact the chair of the corresponding committee.

Current Area Leads:

Publications Weihua Zhuang
Conferences J.R. Cruz
Chapters Oliver Holland
Membership Neeli Prasad
Awards Gordon Stüber
Fellows Gerhard Bauch
Constitution and Bylaws Tom Rubenstein
Publicity Douglas Coates
Education Marina Aguado

Invigorate your local professional community – VTS Chapters

The VT Society maintains a network of more than 40 local chapters worldwide. They form local networking hubs for professionals working in the field of vehicular technology. Whether you are part of an IEEE section where a chapter exists and want to give a hand, or you want to start a new chapter in your area, you will find the experience of interacting with your peers rewarding both at the professional and personal levels. For more information, contact your local chapter chair or regional chapter coordinator.

Lead your technical field – VTS Technical Committees

VTS has a series of technical committees that are active in a particular sub-area of the VTS fields of interest: Personal Land Mobile Radio, Propagation, Motor Vehicles, Land Transportation, Vehicular Power and Propulsion. If you are interested in any of these areas, get in contact with one of the committee chairs to discuss how you could contribute to their activities which range from helping in organizing technical conference programs to developing tools for practitioners.

Current Technical Area Leads:

Mobile Radio Jae Hong Lee
Propagation David Michelson
Motor Vehicles Loic Boulon
Land Transportation Gary Touryan
Vehicular Power & Propulsion Alain Bouscayrol

Define the next generation technologies – VTS-sponsored Standards Committees

VTS sponsors several standardization activities within the IEEE Standards Association, in areas of rail transit, land transportation, intelligent transportation systems, private and land mobile radio, and others.  Volunteers with relevant technical expertise and a strong consensus-building orientation are welcome to these different standardization efforts. For more information, contact one of the area chairs for VTS standards activities.

Coordinate publication reviews – Editorial Board of VTS Journals and Technical Program Committee of VTS Conferences

High-quality peer-reviewed technical publications are one of the hallmarks of IEEE’s reputation. VTS is always looking for volunteers to help in the coordination of these volunteer-intensive activities, for its publications and conferences. If you have the technical background and peer recognition to act as an editorial board member for one of the Society’s publications, please contact the corresponding editor-in-chief: VT Magazine or VT Transactions. To volunteer as a Technical Program Committee member (TPC) for a VTS-sponsored conference, including the flagship Vehicular Technology Conference, contact the technical program committee chair(s) of the relevant conference as listed at the conference website.

Provide expert advice – Reviewing for VTS Conferences and Journals

Another vital volunteer contribution to quality publications is the pool of reviewers that journals and conferences can draw upon to assess the quality of submitted contributions. If you have the technical competence to review high-caliber scientific papers, contact conference technical program chairs (listed at the conference website) or associate editors directly to be added to their reviewer pools.