Current Available Positions:

Positions are renewed regularly, please send an email to our VP of Membership, Neeli Prasad, with your CV in PDF format and indicate the post desired.

IEEE-USA Government Relations Policy Committee Members (Five Committee Openings)

Description:  Represents VTS  to address employment and national policy issues of concern to U.S. IEEE members. Committee has direct involvement in public policy influence.

Committee #1) Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Policy                                         (learn more at

Committee #2) Communications Policy                                                                                                        (learn more at

Committee #3) Energy Policy                                                                                                                              (learn more at

Committee #4) Research & Development Policy                                                                                       (learn more at

Committee #5) Transportation and Aerospace Policy                                                                            (learn more at

Requirements:  IEEE VTS member and U.S. resident; ability to travel or remotely connect to six committee meetings per year

Student Chapters Coordinator

Description:  The Student Chapters Coordinator will attempt to assist and facilitate the progress, viability and building of student chapters. He/she will regularly interact with the currently-established student chapters, and will attempt to ensure their continued viability. This is in the realization that the status of an individual as a student is usually short-lived, meaning that there is a high turnover in student volunteers running such chapters. The Coordinator will also look for opportunities for student chapters to be formed, and attempt to drive their formulation, e.g., by identifying and approaching appropriate potential volunteers.


  • Be familiar with the workings of the IEEE regarding its organizational structure and procedures, and the concept of chapters and purpose thereof.
  • Have actively participated in the VTS in some form (participating in VTS conferences is acceptable; a stronger form of participation (e.g., assisting with chapters, educational, publication activities, etc.) is preferable).
  • Have been a student sometime within the past 5 years, i.e., be aware of what it is like to be a student, the potential interest a student might in have in such a chapter and serving such a Chapter.
  • Have had some form of general leadership experience.
Student Fellowship Committee – Chairs and Members

Description:  The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society has two fellowships (Convergence Fellowship in Transportation Electronics and Daniel E. Noble) that will be awarded to graduate students after a long hiatus. The VTS board is encouraging members to join this committee to determine the selection process, advertise and solicit applications, and select the awardees. The commitment is approximately one teleconference per month.

Requirements:   IEEE VTS member

IEEE VTS Committee on Autonomous Vehicles – Members

Description: Initiate related projects within VTS that directly focuses on autonomous vehicles.  Enhance professional development amongst VTS members with respect to autonomous vehicles.

Requirements:  All eligible VTS members or just IEEE members.

Papers Chair for 2019 JRC, Publicity Chair for 2019 JRC

Description:  These positions help guide the Joint Rail Conference by providing paper review, session hosting and leadership committee directing IEEE interests at the JRC.

Requirements:  All eligible VTS members or just IEEE members.