Event Overview

WPNC, the annual European event which for over a decade provides an international platform for exchanging the latest research results from both Industry and Academia in the areas of Positioning, Navigation and Communication, will embrace Mobility 4.0 as its theme for the 2017. Be part of the wireless positioning navigation and communication revolution and submit your original contribution to WPNC 2017.

Mobility 4.0 is the umbrella under which a multitude of exciting technologies come together to truly revolutionize the way people and goods moved about. And there is no doubt that Wireless Location (positioning) and Wireless Communications are amongst the most important of the core technologies for Mobility 4.0, both playing fundamental roles in a wide range of applications including logistics, traffic engineering, autonomous driving, intelligent transport systems and many more, not to mention the various other applications in sectors such as industrial production, retail, office and home automation, ambient assisted living, convenience, luxury, security etc., which although not directly related to Mobility 4.0, are also important drivers of commerce, with strong impact on urban mobility.

Mobility 4.0 combines major areas of technological development such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Connected-Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), taking advantage of its various advances ranging from heterogeneous sensor signal processing, data fusion, energy efficient networking and cooperation, context awareness, machine learning, highly automated information gathering and processing, etc., all of which depend strongly on communication and localization.