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Call for Papers
Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Empowered Wireless Communications in 6G and Beyond Download
UAV Communications for Safe Aerial Integration and Spectrum Coexistence Download
Distributed Intelligence for Future Vehicular Networks Download
Innovative Components for Vehicle Electrification Download

Recent Publications

Electric/Autonomous Vehicles (EV/AV), Vehicular Networks(VN), and
Internet of Vehicles (IoV)

Thermal Management
of Li-Ion Batteries With Single-Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling

David W. Sundin;Sebastian Sponholtz

Publication Year: 2020, Page(s):82 – 92

QoS-Aware Capacity
Planning of Networked PEV Charging Infrastructure

Ahmed Abdalrahman; Weihua Zhuang
Year: 2020, Page(s):116 – 129

Dimensioning and
Layout Planning of 5G-Based Vehicular Edge Computing Networks Towards Intelligent Transportation

Lin;Xian Zhou; Jianli Duan
Publication Year: 2020, Page(s):146 – 155

Recent Advances and
Challenges in Security and Privacy for V2X Communications

Jiaqi Huang;Dongfeng Fang;Yi Qian;Rose
Qingyang Hu
Publication Year: 2020, Page(s):244 – 266

Vehicle Lateral
Dynamic Identification Method Based on Adaptive Algorithm

António Lopes;Rui Esteves Araújo

Publication Year: 2020, Page(s):267 – 278

Intelligent Energy
Management Systems for Electrified Vehicles: Current Status, Challenges, and Emerging Trends

Ostadian;John Ramoul;Atriya Biswas;Ali Emadi
Publication Year: 2020, Page(s):279 – 295

Event Characterization for Scarce Vehicular Sensing Data

Nima Taherifard;Murat Simsek;Charles
Lascelles;Burak Kantarci
Publication Year: 2020, Page(s):317 – 330

Delay-Constrained and Network-Situation-Aware V2V2I VANET Data Offloading Based on the Multi-Access Edge
Computing (MEC) Architecture

Chung-Ming Huang; Chi-Feng Lai
Publication Year: 2020, Page(s):331
– 347

An Investigation
Into Key Influence Factors for the Everyday Usability of Electric Vehicles

Adam Thor Thorgeirsson;
Stefan Scheubner; Sebastian Fünfgeld; Frank Gauterin
Publication Year: 2020, Page(s):348 – 361

In keeping with IEEE’s continued commitment to providing options to support the needs of all authors, IEEE is
introducing an Open Journal of Vehicular Technology.

We invite you to be among the first to have your article peer-reviewed and published in this new journal. This is an
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The IEEE OJVT will draw on the expert technical community to
continue IEEE’s commitment to publishing the most highly-cited content. The editor-in-chief is
Sun Sumei. Our goal is to publish quickly—the rapid peer
review process is targeting a publication time frame of 10 weeks for most accepted papers. This journal is fully
open and compliant with funder mandates, including Plan S.


The IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology covers the theoretical, experimental and operational aspects of
electrical and electronics engineering in mobile radio, motor vehicles and land transportation. (a) Mobile radio
shall include all terrestrial mobile services. (b) Motor vehicles shall include the components and systems and
motive power for propulsion and auxiliary functions. (c) Land transportation shall include the components and
systems used in both automated and non-automated facets of ground transport technology.

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