VTS Mobile World is the free IEEE Vehicular Technology Society newsletter for all its members. All VTS members receive 12 monthly issues of the VTS Mobile World by email usually in the first week of each month unless they have opted not to receive any communications from the Society and the IEEE. Each issues of the VTS Mobile World contains informative and interesting news such as the President’s Message, Reports of Board of Governors meetings, Chapters News, Professional Activities, news on standards and conferences, and special reports on Transportation Systems, Mobile Communications, and Vehicular Electronics, and other items of interest to the membership. The Editor-in-Chief, Abbas Jamalipour, from the University of Sydney, Australia is looking forward to receiving members’ feedback on how the Society is doing, and how the Society’s officers can better serve all VTS members in the future. The EiC can be reached directly by email at RichardYu@cunet.carleton.ca.  


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Publications Highlights

  • Industrial IoT-Connected Railways
  • VTS Distinguished Lecturers and Speakers Program
  • Motor Vehicle Report: Electric Vehicles and the Smart Power Grid
  • European Cross-Border Experiments on Connected and Automated Driving
  • IEEE VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge 2018
  • New Lines, Trains, and Trolleys Around the World
  • The Benefits of Smart Wireless Technologies
  • Standards: Spectrum Licensing