As one of the largest Distinguished Lecturer programs in the IEEE, VTS provides VTS local chapters throughout the world with presentations by experts on topics of interest and importance to the Vehicular Technology membership community.

Program Coordinator:
Fabrice Labeau

Distinguished Lecturers Committee Chair:
Weihua Zhuang

The program is open to to any IEEE VTS chapter, however there are speaker expenses. A subsidy for speaker travel/lodging expenses is available from the Society but requires prior approval.

Distinguished Lecturers (DL): reimbursement for travel/lodging costs up to a limit of $1,500 (domestic)/$3,000 (international) per tour

Distinguished Speakers (DS): DSs are Distinguished Lecturers who have reached their term limit but who are still very much in demand; partial reimbursement of costs up to $500 per tour/trip. It is recommended that requestors take advantage of trips by DSs in their region to request seminars.

See detailed guidelines for specific conditions.

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Interested in Becoming a Distinguished Lecturer?

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society launched the Distinguished Lecturer (DL) program in July 2011. The program has been very successful in providing VTS chapters throughout the world with presentations by leading experts on topics of interest and importance to the Vehicular Technology membership community.

While we accept nominations on an annual basis, we only choose the most exceptional and knowledgeable experts in their fields into our Distinguished Lecturer program. The appointment of a DL is a two-year term, and can be renewed by one more term at most. We are particularly interested in the technical areas of autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, land transportation, vehicle power and propulsion, and vehicular electronics.

An appointed Distinguished Lecturer is expected to:

  • Deliver at least one lecture in the technical areas to a VTS chapter and record at least one “voice over PowerPoint” lecture for posting on the VTS DL website and for distributing to VTS members, in the two-year period of the term
  • Reach out to local VT chapters to arrange for delivering Distinguished Lectures when traveling to an area with a VT Chapter
  • Provide a traveling schedule/plan semi-annually or annually to the VTS regional coordinator to facilitate a Distinguished Lecture Tour
  • Provide an update on the potential Distinguished Lecture titles annually in June for the DL webpage
  • Be a member of VTS

Please send your nomination along with a current curriculum vitae of the nominee, by 31 December, to the DL Selection Committee Chair, Weihua Zhuang.

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