IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members with extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. You are invited to consider nominating a member with extraordinary accomplishments. Please visit the IEEE Fellows program for a list of deadlines and procedures.

2019 Elected Fellows

Name Location Reason
Ali Abdi* NJIT, USA “for contributions to wireless channel modeling and underwater communications”
Sonia Aissa* INRS, University of Quebec, Canada “for contributions to design and performance analysis of cognitive radio and cooperative communication systems”
Dong In Kim* Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), South Korea “for contributions to cross-layer design of wireless communications systems”
Ping Zhang* BUPT, China “for leadership in theory, standardization, and application of wireless technologies”
Hongbin Li “for contributions to adaptive radar signal processing with limited data”
Chih-peng Li “for contributions to digital broadcasting and wireless transmission”
Jiming Chen “for contributions to resource allocation and optimization in wireless sensor networks”
Brian Classon “for contributions to commercial cellular system standardization”
Tao Jiang “for contributions to coding, modulation, and cognitive radio systems design”
Yonghui Li “for contributions to cooperative communications technologies”
Shiwen Mao “for contributions to wireless multimedia networking”
Yi Qian ” for contributions to wireless communication networks and smart grid communication architectures”
Lingyang Song  “for contributions to cooperative communication and networking”
Jian Tang “for contributions to optimization in wireless networks and mobile crowdsourcing systems”
Meixia Tao  “for contributions to resource allocation in broadband wireless networks”
Yimin D Zhang “for contributions to high-resolution direction finding and radar signal processing”

*Evaluated by IEEE VTS Fellows Nomination Committee

2018 Elected Fellows

Name Location Reason
Jelena Misic* Ryerson University, Canada “for contributions to modeling and performance evaluation in wireless communications”
Richard Yu* Carleton University, Canada “for contributions to mobility management and radio resource allocation in mobile wireless networks”
Pan Hui Hong Kong UST “for contributions to social-based opportunistic networks”
Guoqiang Mao University of Technology, Sydney “for contributions to localization algorithms for wireless networks”
Xudong Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University “for contributions to wireless mesh networks”
Yang Yang Shanghai Technical University  “for contributions and leadership in wireless access and networking”
Earl Mc Cune Tropian Inc., Cupertino, CA “for leadership in polar modulation circuits and signals”
Philip Winston Georgia Power Company “for development of standards in power system protection reliability”

*Evaluated by IEEE VTS Fellows Nomination Committee

2017 Elected Fellows

Name Location Reason
Witold A. Krzymień* University of Alberta, Canada “for contributions to radio resource management for cellular systems and networks”
Hamid Sharif* University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA “for development of railroad wireless communication“
Richard Buehrer Virginia Tech, USA “for contributions to wideband signal processing in communications and geolocation”
Jing Deng University of North Carolina-Greensboro, USA “for development and optimization of wireless security and networking protocols”
Falko Dressler University of Paderborn, Germany “for contributions to adaptive and self-organizing communication protocols in sensor and vehicular networks”
Hossam Hassanein Queens University, Canada “for contributions to protocols, architectures and analysis of multi-hop wireless networks”
Phone Lin National Taiwan University, Taiwan “for contributions to resource management and service development for mobile networks”
Hlaing Minn University of Texas at Dallas, USA “for contributions to synchronization and channel estimation in communication systems”
Arumugam Nallanathan King’s College, United Kingdom “for contributions to cooperative communications and cognitive radio networks”
Dusit Niyato Nanyang Technological University, Singapore “for contributions to resource allocation in cognitive radio and cellular wireless networks”
Cheng-Xiang Wang Heriot-Watt University, UK “for contributions to wireless channel modeling for vehicular networks”
Jiangzhou Wang University of Kent, UK “for contributions to multiple access and resource allocation in wireless mobile communications”
Xianbin Wang Western University, Canada “for contributions to OFDM systems and distributed transmission technologies”
Halim Yanikomeroglu Carleton University, Canada “for contributions to wireless access architectures in cellular networks”
Rui Zhang National University of Singapore, Singapore “for contributions to cognitive radio and energy harvesting communications”

*Evaluated by IEEE VTS Fellows Nomination Committee

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Fellow Evaluation Committee evaluates these nominations.  The number of new IEEE Fellows each year is limited to 1/10 of 1% of the IEEE voting membership. Accordingly, the VTS Fellow Evaluation Committee may change each year depending on the mixture of nominations received in each of the three technical areas.

2017 IEEE VTS Fellow Evaluation Committee:

Abbas Jamalipour, Professor, University of Sydney, Australia (CHAIR) Gordon L. Stüber, Professor, USA (past committee chair)
Gerhard Bauch, Professor, Germany Kwok Chau, Professor, Hong Kong
Mehrdad Ehsani, Professor, USA Ali Emadi, Professor, Canada
Lajos Hanzo, Professor, United Kingdom Inkyu Lee, Professor, South Korea
Dusit Niyato, Professor, Singapore Hamid Sharif, Professor, USA
Jinhong Yuan, Professor, Australia Wei Zhang, Professor, Australia

2016 IEEE VTS Fellow Evaluation Committee:

Gordon L. Stüber, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (CHAIR) Gerhard Bauch, Professor, University of Delaware, USA
Greg Bottomley, Signal Processing Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corporation, USA Kwok Chau, Professor, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Mehrdad Ehsani, Robert M. Kennedy ’26 Professor II, Texas A&M University, USA James Gover, Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor at Kettering University
David Haccoun, Professor Emeritus, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada Lajos Hanzo, Professor, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Abbas Jamalipour, Professor, University of Sydney, Australia Ye (Geoffrey) Li, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Andreas Molisch, Professor, University of Southern California, USA Yi Murphey, Professor and Chair, University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA