IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members with extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. You are invited to consider nominating a member with extraordinary accomplishments. Please visit the IEEE Fellows program for a list of deadlines and procedures.

2021 Elected Fellows

Name Location Reason
Haris Gacanin*   for development of operations and management systems for home broadband networks
Jiandong Li* Xidian University for leadership in heterogeneous self-organizing wireless networks
David Matolak*   for contributions to wireless channel modeling and applications
Ai-chun Pang* CSIE, National Taiwan University for contributions to resource management and service provisioning for mobile edge networks
Hyundong Shin* Kyung Hee University for contributions to the analysis and design of wireless communication and networking
Honggang Wang* University of Massachusetts for contributions to low power wireless for IoT and multimedia applications
Chau Yuen*   for contributions to energy efficient wireless communications
Zhinong Ying   for contributions to mobile terminal antenna technology
Chan-byoung Chae Yonsei University for contributions to MIMO design and prototypes for emerging communication systems
Wonjun Lee Dept. of Cyber Defense for contributions to multiple access and resource allocation in wireless networks
Rongxing Lu University of New Brunswick for contributions to security and privacy in vehicular communications
Wing Kwan Ng Univ of New South Wales for contributions to resource allocation for wireless communication networks
Edward Tiedemann   for innovation and standardization of digital cellular communications
R Vannithamby   for contributions to resource allocation for cellular and internet of things technologies
Zhaocheng Wang Tsinghua University, EEE for contributions to pilot design and modulation of OFDM wireless systems
Hongke Zhang Beijing Jiaotong University for contributions to high-speed railway communications
Tara Javidi Univ Of California for contributions to stochastic resource allocation and active hypothesis testing
Jin Wang Ohio State University for development of high density power converters and their use in electric cars
Matthew Mckay   for contributions to random matrix theory in statistical signal processing

*Evaluated by IEEE VTS Fellows Nomination Committee

IEEE VTS Fellow Evaluation Committee

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Fellow Evaluation Committee evaluates these nominations.  The number of new IEEE Fellows each year is limited to 1/10 of 1% of the IEEE voting membership. Accordingly, the VTS Fellow Evaluation Committee may change each year depending on the mixture of nominations received in each of the three technical areas.

2021 IEEE VTS Fellow Evaluation Committee:

Hamid Sharif (Chair), University of Nebraska, USA
Lin Cai, University of Victoria, Canada
Jiming Chen, Zhejiang University, China
Kwang-Cheng Chen, University of South Florida, USA
Wan Choi, Seoul National University, South Korea
Brian Classon, Huawei
Michael Fang, University of Florida, USA
Rose Hu, Utah State University, USA
Ying-Chang Liang, UESTC, China
Witold Krzymien, University of Alberta, Canada
Jelena Misic, Ryerson University, Canada
Honggang Wang, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA
Richard Yu, Carleton University, Canada