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Message from the VP—Publications: Serving the VT Community

7 August, 2018 | Publications

Article by Weihua Zhuang, IEEE VTS Vice President—Publications As a popular numeric metric of journal citations, the impact factor is calculated as the number of citations to the journal divided by the number of papers published in the journal over a period of the two most recent years. In June 2018, the Web of ScienceRead More

The World of VTS Chapters

7 August, 2018 | Member Updates

Article by Oliver Holland, VTS Chapters Committee Chair A Chapter serves (and in some respects represents) the associated IEEE Technical Society within the local IEEE Section. A Chapter instantiates and runs events to serve local members, among other activities. These events might include Distinguished Lectures (perhaps expanded into larger programs such as Workshops), educational orRead More

Industrial IoT-Connected Railways

7 August, 2018 | TA Resource Center

Title: Unleashing the Potential of Industrial IoT-Connected Railways Speaker: Paula Fraga-Lamas, University of A Coruña Description: The railway industry is compelled to exploit the opportunities created by the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and enabling communication technologies under the paradigm of `Internet of Trains’ in order to remain competitive. This webinar explains the evolution of communication technologiesRead More

China’s Connected Car f-Band; IEEE 802.11 on NextGen V2X

7 August, 2018 | Government Regulations, Mobile Communications

Article by Edward Au China’s consultation on connected cars In order to promote the application and development of intelligent networked vehicles in China and to meet the development needs of intelligent traffic information systems such as the Internet of Vehicles, in accordance with the Radio Regulations of the People’s Republic of China and the RadioRead More

Management of 3.5-Ghz Spectrum in 5G Dense Networks

7 August, 2018 | Mobile Communications

Reviewed by Richard Yu, Associate EiC, VTS Mobile World A hierarchical radio resource management scheme using small and macro-cells would allow cellular users to reuse and exploit potentially underutilized spectrum portions. To overcome the issue of limited resources that can be allocated to users, one can exploit the spectrum access system (SAS), a technology thatRead More

Toward Autonomous Vehicles

7 August, 2018 | Mobile Communications

Article by Elisabeth Uhlemann Ford expects to accelerate and launch businesses in the following five areas: Transportation operating systems: Ford will expand its open, cloud-based platform that manages information flow and basic transactions in the transportation ecosystem to include other automakers, suppliers, partners, and cities. The company will also launch a developer network to buildRead More

5G Field Trials

7 August, 2018 | Mobile Communications

Article by Matthias Pätzold During the Fourth Global 5G event, LGU+ partnered with Huawei to complete the world’s first large-scale 5G network test in a precommercial environment in the Gangnam District, Seoul. This network consists of both 3.5- and 28-GHz base stations. The test also helped to successfully verify the technologies of Internet Protocol televisionRead More

New Reversible Substation for Milan

7 August, 2018 | Railroad & Mass Transit

Article by Harvey Glickenstein On 18 December 2017, Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM), Milan’s subway operator, put into service its first 1,500-V bidirectional substation on the Yellow Line of the Milan Underground. The Yellow Line is a standard-gauge line fed from a dc overhead line. The manufacturer of the new unit, Alstom, calls their line ofRead More

2018 IEEE 88th Vehicular Technology Conference: IEEE VTC2018-Fall in Chicago

7 August, 2018 | Events & Conferences

Article by Dennis Roberson (General Chair) and Oliver Holland (Technical Program Chair) The 2018 IEEE 88th Vehicular Technology Conference will be held during 27–30 August 2018 in Chicago, IL USA. This year, the Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC) and the Connected and Automated Vehicles Symposium (CAVS) are co-located with the VTC making this eventRead More

Call for participation: VTS Ad Hoc Committee on Electric Railway Systems

7 August, 2018 | Member Updates

Article by Pablo Arboleya, Vice-Chair, IEEE VTS Electric Railway Systems Committee IEEE VTS has recently created the Ad Hoc Committee on Electric Railway Systems. This is a call for participation in the activities of the Committee to all IEEE VTS members interested in this topic. The committee is chaired by Mr. Jianghua Feng from CRRCRead More


11 July, 2018 | Uncategorized

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society has two graduate student fellowships. We are currently soliciting nominations for the awards. If you believe you are a good fit for one of the awards, please consider applying. The Daniel E. Noble Fellowship Award is to promote graduate-level study in Vehicular Technology, and it is funded partially by anRead More

Message from the President: Calling All Young Professionals!

10 July, 2018 | Uncategorized

Article by Alexander M. Wyglinski, President The objective of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) is to support the professional development and growth of all of our members around the world. Through a wide spectrum of services and activities, VTS is committed to providing all of you with opportunities to gain new knowledge, network with otherRead More