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Call for IEEE Press Book Series Editor

10 August, 2021 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

Peter Chong, IEEE Press VTS Liaison IEEE Press supports a book series for IEEE Vehicular Technology Society on vehicular technology. The IEEE Press Series on Vehicular Technology focuses on books published by VTS members that would provide a more comprehensive and in-depth treatment of specific topics related to the Society’s fields of interest. Currently, the Book Series EditorRead More

From IEEE VTM: Autonomous Bus Driving

10 August, 2021 | Publications

Rui Oliveira, Pedro Lima, Marcello Cirillo, and Bo Wahlberg Full title—Autonomous Bus Driving: A Novel Motion-Planning Approach This article presents a motion-planning framework that leverages expert bus driver behavior, increasing the safety and maneuverability of autonomous buses. Autonomous vehicles will increase the safety, quality, and efficiency of transportation systems. However, to deploy this technology inRead More

From IEEE OJVT: Routing Optimization for AANETs

10 August, 2021 | Publications

Jingjing Cui, Halil Yetgin, Dong Liu, Jiankang Zhang, Soon Xin Ng, and Lajos Hanzo Full title—Twin-Component Near-Pareto Routing Optimization for AANETs in the North-Atlantic Region Relying on Real Flight Statistics Integrated ground-air-space (IGAS) networks intrinsically amalgamate terrestrial and non-terrestrial communication techniques in support of universal connectivity across the globe. Multi-hop routing over the IGAS networksRead More

Recap: IEEE VTC2021-Spring

21 July, 2021 | Events & Conferences, Member Updates

Jyri Hämäläinen, VTC2021-Spring General Co-chair As General Co-chair of VTC2021-Spring, I am proud to announce that the event was a great success, with over 450 accepted papers, 12 workshops with focused research topics, 15 tutorials, 4 keynotes, and 2 panels. The pandemic is not slowing down the strong Vehicular Technology Conference tradition, and as weRead More

Society: On Automated Vehicles

21 July, 2021 | Member Updates, Vehicular Technology

Edward Au, Vice Chair, IEEE TAB Committee on Standards An automated vehicle is a vehicle capable of sensing its environment and moving safely with minimum or no input from human beings. Recent literature, industry projects, and prototypes have revealed its potential to improve transportation efficiency due to better synchronization of vehicle movements, and also toRead More

The 5G Ecosystem Forges Ahead

21 July, 2021 | Mobile Communications

Claudio Casetti As the world’s economy struggles in the tight grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 5G ecosystem is forging ahead with standardization and the development of new products, steady in its commitment to provide ever-improving cellular connectivity and innovative services for business and everyday activities. Even though standardization has been slowed by the needRead More

From IEEE VTM: Knowledge in Vehicular Networking

21 July, 2021 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

Duncan Deveaux, Takamasa Higuchi, Seyhan Uçar, Jérôme Härri, and Onur Altintas Full title—A Definition and Framework for Vehicular Knowledge Networking: An Application of Knowledge-Centric Networking To operate intelligent vehicular applications such as automated driving, mechanisms including machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and others are used to abstract knowledge from information. Knowledge is defined asRead More

From IEEE OJVT: Eavesdropping Attacks and Countermeasures

21 July, 2021 | Publications

Abderrahmane Mayouche, Wallace Martins, Christos Tsinos, Symeon Chatzinotas, and Bjorn Ottersten Full title—Multi-Antenna Data-Driven Eavesdropping Attacks and Symbol-Level Precoding Countermeasures In this work, we consider secure communications in wireless multi-user (MU) multiple-input single-output (MISO) systems with channel coding in the presence of a multi-antenna eavesdropper (“Eve”), who is a legit user trying to eavesdrop onRead More

Message from the President: Our Mission in 2021

15 June, 2021 | Member Updates

Abbas Jamalipour I would like to start by offering my deepest thoughts to those members affected by COVID-19 globally, and in particular, to our loyal members in India and their respected families. Please know that we share your hardship during this difficult time, and pray for the end of this tragedy. We have just concludedRead More

Call for Participation: RTSC Standards Continue through COVID

15 June, 2021 | Member Updates, Railroad & Mass Transit

Cara Levy, VTS Vice President—Land Transportation The Land Transportation Division of VTS manages the development of standards for rail passenger vehicles, trains and systems, automatic train control, and electrical power distribution systems for the United States and Canada. This work is accomplished through the Rail Transportation Standards Committee (RTSC), which consists of four subcommittees asRead More

Call for Participation: Standards in Channel Sounding

15 June, 2021 | Member Updates, Mobile Communications

Dave Michelson, IEEE P2982 Working Group Chair Earlier this year, VTS launched IEEE Standards Project P2982 – Millimeter-Wave Channel Sounder Verification with support from NIST, Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz and National Instruments. When completed, the standard will recommend methods for verifying millimeter-wave and terahertz channel sounder performance for the purposes of: Identifying and correctingRead More

Call for Participation: Join the Electric Railway Systems Committee

15 June, 2021 | Member Updates

In 2018, IEEE VTS created the Ad Hoc Committee on Electric Railway Systems. Chaired by Jianghua Feng (CRRC Zhuzhou Institute), the objectives of the IEEE VTS Electric Railway Systems Committee are to grow an electric railways system community within IEEE, and to support this community through a range of activities to help members learn about,Read More