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From IEEE OJVT: Towards Safe Automated Driving

10 May, 2021 | Publications

Zongdian Li, Tao Yu, Ryuichi Fukatsu, Gia Khanh Tran, and Kei Sakaguchi Full title: Toward Safe Automated Driving: Design of Software-Defined Dynamic MmWave V2X Networks and PoC Implementation The technical exploration of safe automated driving has evolved from single-vehicle intelligence to vehicular networking. Therefore, to a certain extent, the safety requirements have been translated intoRead More

From IEEE TVT: Outdoor Vehicular VLC

10 May, 2021 | Publications

Muhammad Sohaib Amjad, Claas Tebruegge, Agon Memedi, and Stephan Kruse Full title: Towards an IEEE 802.11 Compliant System for Outdoor Vehicular Visible Light Communications As a complementary technology to existing Radio Frequency (RF)-based solutions such as Cellular V2X (C-V2X) and Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC), Vehicular Visible Light Communications (V-VLC) is gaining more attention inRead More

VTS Members: Join ITSS for Free

12 April, 2021 | Member Updates

Dear IEEE VTS Members, As IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society President, and a fellow active IEEE Vehicular Technology Society member, I would like to personally invite you to join IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) for the remainder of the year. A discounted combined membership will be offered in 2022. For now, consider adding ITSS at noRead More

VTS Chapter Profile: Toronto

12 April, 2021 | Member Updates

Lian Zhao, VTS Toronto Chapter Chair The IEEE VTS Toronto Chapter currently has 55 members and is situated in Toronto, Canada. The current officers are: Lian Zhao, Chair, Ryerson University, Canada Khalid Hafeez, Vice-chair (External), Ontario Tech University, Canada Ajmery Sultana, Vice-chair (Membership Engagement), Ryerson University, Canada The IEEE Toronto Section, parent section to VTSRead More

Call for Papers: IEEE OJVT: Distributed Intelligence for Future Vehicular Networks

12 April, 2021 | Publications

The IEEE Open Journal on Vehicular Technology is calling for papers for the upcoming Special Section on Distributed Intelligence for Future Vehicular Networks. Manuscripts are due 15 April 2021. Future vehicular networks have become an important component of the next generation communication technologies such as the 5G, 6G, and beyond. With the widespread use of automobileRead More

Call for Papers: IEEE VPPC 2021: Gijón, Spain

12 April, 2021 | Events & Conferences

IEEE VPPC 2021 will be held 25-28 October 2021 in Gijón, Spain. The call for papers is now open! VPPC2021 is organized into 7 tracks covering all relevant technical areas: Regular Track #1: Energy Storage and Generation, Components and Systems Regular Track #2: Power Electronics, Motor Drives and Electric Power Systems Regular Track #3: Vehicular ElectronicsRead More

Register now for IEEE VTC2021-Spring

12 April, 2021 | Events & Conferences

Registration Open Now! Keynote Plenaries 6G – The Essential Infrastructure to Augment Human Potential at Scale Peter Vetter, Head of Access & Devices Research Lab, Nokia Bell Labs The Directions for 6G Wen Tong, CTO, Wireless Network, Huawei It’s All in the Noise – Universal Noise-centric Decoding Muriel Médard, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ExpertRead More

From IEEE OJVT: Distributed Ledger Technology

12 April, 2021 | Publications

Andrea Tesei, Domenico Lattuca, Alexandr Tardo, Luca Di Mauro, Paolo Pagano, Marco Luise, Paulo C. Bartolomeu, and Joaquim Ferreira Full title: Securing Seaport Logistic Vehicles using a Distributed Ledger-Based Credential Management System Major maritime carriers are globally demanding improvements in the efficiency of port operations. Cargo carried by ships must be loaded and unloaded quicklyRead More

From IEEE VTM: Safety in Railway Control Signaling Systems

12 April, 2021 | Publications

David Franco, Marina Aguado, Christian Pinedo, Igor Lopez, Inigo Adin, and Jaizki Mendizabal Full title: A Contribution to Safe Railway Operation: Evaluating the Effect of Electromagnetic Disturbances on Balise-to-BTM Communication in Railway Control Signaling Systems Electromagnetic (EM) disturbances and compatibility issues are the most common problems affecting communication and signaling systems. The duration of fieldRead More

Call for Authors: VTS IEEE Press

24 February, 2021 | Publications

Article by Peter Chong, VTS IEEE Press Liaison IEEE Vehicular Technology Society is seeking qualified authors to expand the VTS technical book offering. The emerging field of next-generation vehicular technology affords the unique opportunity to become an author in a rapidly expanding ecosystem. Vehicular technology includes a wide range of topics: wireless, optics, sensors, software,Read More

Open Call: IEEE VTC2021-Fall: Virtual

24 February, 2021 | Events & Conferences

The 2021 IEEE 94th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2021-Fall) will be held online as a virtual event, 27—30 September 2021. The deadline for regular papers and workshop proposals is 22 March 2021, and the deadline for tutorial proposals is 26 April 2021. Visit the VTC2021-Fall website for further details.

Open Call: IEEE VPPC 2021

24 February, 2021 | Events & Conferences

The 2021 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC 2021) will be held in Gijón, Spain, 25—28 October 2021. The deadline for regular paper submission is 19 April 2021. proposals for Special Sessions are due very soon, by 22 February 2021. And, full tutorial proposals are due 1 March 2021.