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Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

10 July, 2017 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

Article by Elisabeth Uhlemann The proposed rule issued in December 2016 by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) requires automakers to include vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technologies in all new light-duty vehicles. The rule suggests developing standardized messaging technology together with industry that would advance the deployment of connected vehicle technologies throughout the United States. The noticeRead More

Research and Development Towards 5G

10 July, 2017 | Mobile Communications, Publications

Article by Matthias Pätzold Nokia has successfully carried out the world’s first connection based on the Verizon fifth-generation (V5G) technical forum (TF) interface, which is known as the industry-agreed specification for prestandard 5G applications. The test adds another key component to the development of 5G technologies and the execution of the first 5G applications, demonstratingRead More

New Streetcars for San Francisco

10 July, 2017 | Publications, Railroad & Mass Transit

Article by Harvey Glickenstein At a total of 215 vehicles, the SFMTA contract is Siemens’ largest US light rail order ever. The base contract for US$648 million covers 175 vehicles. Including 85 optional additional vehicles, the total contract is for US$1.2 billion. This order will expand the SFMTA light-rail fleet by more than 70% whenRead More