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Mobile Radio – 5G Readiness and Business Opportunities

17 April, 2018 | Mobile Communications, Publications, Uncategorized

By Matthias Pätzold Ericsson has released its “5G Readiness Survey 2017”. The report shows that many operators have accelerated preparations for the new technology and that trials are being carried out by 78% of the respondents. Furthermore, 28% expect to deploy fifth generation (5G) in 2018. The survey also shows that operators have further developedRead More

Connected Vehicles – The Battle of Technologies or the Battle of Business Models

17 April, 2018 | Mobile Communications, Publications

By Elisabeth Uhlemann There has been heated debate about the 5.9-GHz frequency band dedicated to cooperative intelligent transportation systems (C-ITSs). Spectrum is limited, and the free bands at 2.45 GHz are becoming crowded. Because of this, operators in the European Union seek access to the band for fifth generation (5G), while, in the United States.Read More

From the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine – Securing the Connected Car: A Security-Enhancement Methodology

17 April, 2018 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

Reviewed by Richard Yu, Associate EiC A new era is upon us—an era where Internet connectivity is available everywhere and at all times. Cars have become very complex computer systems with about 100 million lines of code and more than 100 electronic control units (ECUs) interconnected to control everything, including steering, acceleration, brakes, and otherRead More

Motor Vehicles Report – Modular Energy Systems for Vehicular Applications

17 April, 2018 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

By Arash Kalatbarisoltani, Loïc Boulon, David Lupien St-Pierre Electric sources are widely used in order to design cleaner vehicles (batteries, fuel cell systems, ultra-capacitors, etc.). However, numerous electrified vehicles are produced in small series and the design of a specific energy source for a given vehicle is both time consuming and expensive. In this way,Read More

Supporting the Women of VTS: Resources and Activities for Professional Development and Growth – Message from VTS President

17 April, 2018 | Member Updates

All VTS members have access to a wide variety of resources that can help their professional formation and advancement, such as participation in VTS chapters worldwide, access to our excellent Distinguished Lecturer program, involvement in the organization of VTS-sponsored events such as the VTC and VPPC conference series, access to the VTS Resource Center, andRead More

Motor Vehicles Report – Smart balancing systems

12 March, 2018 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

Smart balancing systems: an ultimate solution to the weakest cell problem? By Jorge Varela Barreras, Damien Frost, David A. Howey, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK The series connection of cells in a battery pack, like in any chain, means that performance is limited by the weakest cell. If the cells were identical, thisRead More

Increasing Membership Value – Message from VTS President

12 March, 2018 | Member Updates

We are all part of a vibrant technical community of experts from around the world who are performing exciting and innovative work across various areas of vehicular technology, including 5G communications, rail systems, self-driving cars, drone technology, and electric vehicles. The Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) seeks to support such activities by providing a plethora ofRead More

Distinguished Lecturer Program – Call for Nominations

12 March, 2018 | Member Updates, Publications

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) launched the Distinguished Lecturer (DL) program in July 2011. The program has been very successful in providing VTS chapters throughout the world with presentations by leading experts on topics of interest and importance to the Vehicular Technology membership community. We are accepting DL nominations for 2018 class. The appointmentRead More

VTS Chapter Profile – IEEE-VTS National Capital Chapter

12 March, 2018 | Member Updates, Publications, Railroad & Mass Transit

Article by Karl Berger, PE, VTS National Capital Chapter Chair The National Capital Chapter is a joint chapter in the Washington and Northern Virginia Sections. It has been meeting continuously since the early 1970s with monthly lunch meetings from September through May. A presentation is made at each meeting by an invited guest speaker addressingRead More

New Video: Resource Center Video – Overview of ongoing research

12 March, 2018 | Publications, TA Resource Center, Vehicular Technology

VTS members can enjoy for free the following new lectures available on the VTS Resource Center. You will need to sign in with your IEEE account to view the videos. Title: Overview of ongoing research Speaker and Affiliation: Hicham Chaoui, Carleton University, and Sousso Kelouwani, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières   Description: In vehicular technology, electricRead More

LTE-V for Sidelink 5G V2X Vehicular Communications: A New 5G Technology for Short-Range Vehicle-to-Everything Communications

6 February, 2018 | Publications, Vehicular Technology

Article by Rafael Molina-Masegosa and Javier Gozalvez This article provides an overview of the long‐term evolution-vehicle (LTE-V) standard supporting sidelink or vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications using LTE’s direct interface named PC5 in LTE. We review the physical layer changes introduced under Release 14 for LTE-V, its communication modes 3 and 4, and the LTE-V evolutions underRead More

5G Core Network Prototypes and 5G New Radio

6 February, 2018 | Mobile Communications, Publications

Article by Matthias Pätzold At the Mobile World Congress held in Shanghai in June 2017, China Mobile and Huawei jointly showcased the world’s first 5G core network prototype on a service-based architecture (SBA). The showcased prototype adheres to the Third-Generation Partnership Project’s (3GPP’s) 5G SBA standard. China Mobile has recently led the development of theRead More