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From IEEE OJVT: Intelligent Energy Management Systems for EVs

10 November, 2020 | Publications

Article by Reihaneh Ostadian, John Ramoul, Atriya Biswas, and Ali Emadi Full title: Intelligent Energy Management Systems for Electrified Vehicles: Current Status, Challenges, and Emerging Trends Powertrain electrification has heightened the need for an energy management strategy, which has been a continuing concern in the development of electrified vehicles. The energy management control unit managesRead More

From IEEE TVT: Adaptive Routing for Vehicular Networks

10 November, 2020 | Publications

Article by Chuan Xu, Zhengying Xiong, Zhenzhen Han, Guofeng Zhao, Shui Yu Full title: Link Reliability-Based Adaptive Routing for Multilevel Vehicular Networks In multilevel vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET) scenario, dynamic vehicles, complex node distribution and poor wireless channel environment deteriorate the reliability of routing protocols. However, for the key issues of relay selection, existing algorithmsRead More

From IEEE VTM – Beyond 5G: Big Data Processing

10 November, 2020 | Publications

Article by Adrian Kliks, Lukasz Kulacz, Pawel Kryszkiewicz, Hanna Bogucka, Marcin Dryjanski, Magnus Isaksson, George P. Koudouridis, and Per Tengkvist Full title: Beyond 5G: Big Data Processing for Better Spectrum Utilization This article emphasizes the great potential of big data processing for advanced user- and situation-oriented, context-aware resource utilization in future wireless networks. In particular,Read More

Recap: IEEE EVIS-2020

14 October, 2020 | Events & Conferences

Article by Fernando Ornelas, Chair, IEEE VTS Centro Occidente Chapter The 2020 IEEE 4th Electric Vehicles International Symposium (IEEE EVIS-2020) was held virtually 10 – 11 September 2020, based in Morelia, Mexico. Following a series of very successful EVIS conferences in previous years, this year’s symposium was organized by the IEEE VTS Centro Occidente Chapter,Read More

From OJVT: 6G: Connecting Everything by 1000 Times Price Reduction

14 October, 2020 | Publications

Article by Shunqing Zhang, Chenlu Xiang, and Shugong Xu The commercial deployment of 5G communication networks makes the industry and academia to seriously consider the possible solutions for the next generation. Although the conventional approach indicates that 6G vision and requirements can be figured out by simply multiplying a certain amount of magnitude on topRead More

From TVT: Cellular V2X Networks

14 October, 2020 | Publications

Article by: Rojin Aslani, Ebrahim Saberinia, and Mehdi Rasti Full title: Resource Allocation for Cellular V2X Networks Mode-3 with Underlay Approach in LTE-V Standard In this paper, we propose a system model for cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) networks mode-3, with two user groups: cellular users and vehicular users. Cellular users communicate with each other through theRead More

Hydrail Trains: Heavy-Hitters of the Hydrogen Transition

9 September, 2020 | Railroad & Mass Transit

Article bt Stan Thompson, former Chairman, Transportation Infrastructure and Air Quality Committee, Mooresville South Iredell Chamber of Commerce Since railways were invented in the early 1800s, hydrail has been only the third paradigm shift in traction. Today, about thirty countries have taken steps toward a transition from diesel to wireless electrification using hydrail–hydrogen fuel cell battery hybridRead More

Chapter Profile: New Zealand North

9 September, 2020 | Member Updates

Article by William Liu, VTS New Zealand North Chapter Chair The IEEE VTS New Zealand North Chapter currently has 17 members and is situated in Auckland, New Zealand. The current chapter officers are: William Liu, Chair Boon-Chong Seet, Vice-chair (General) Xuejun Li, Treasurer Sheikh Izzal Azid, Vice-chair (Pacific Liaison) Aniket Mahanti, Secretary The senior membersRead More

Call for Participation: Innovation Challenge – Small UAV Comms

9 September, 2020 | Events & Conferences, Vehicular Technology

Article: Kamesh Namuduri, Chair, IEEE VTS Ad Hoc Committee on Drones IEEE VTS is pleased to announce an Innovation Challenge in Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Communications for current undergraduate and graduate college and university students. Objective—Participants engineer a working solution for coordination between two UASs to accomplish a task jointly. The objective is to demonstrateRead More

From OJVT: Security and Privacy for V2X Communications

9 September, 2020 | Publications

Article by Jiaqi Huang, Dongfeng Fang, Yi Qian, and Rose Qingyang Hu Full title: Recent Advances and Challenges in Security and Privacy for V2X Communications In recent studies, vehicular networks have been considered as a promising solution to achieve better traffic management and to improve the driving experience of drivers. In vehicular networks, vehicle-to-everything (V2X)Read More

VTS Distinguished Lectures for 2020

7 August, 2020 | Member Updates

Article by Abbas Jamalipour IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) is closely monitoring developments related to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Please know that our thoughts are with those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. The health and safety of our members and volunteers is the utmost priority of our society. As a result, and due toRead More