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Making the Most of VTS in 5G

7 May, 2019 | Member Updates

Article by Alexander M. Wyglinski, President Over the past two months, there has been a significant increase in public interest and awareness of 5G—Fifth Generation cellular technology—and its potential impact across multiple sectors of our society, including commerce, education, health care, and agriculture. For many of us who actively pursue research and development work inRead More

Record Activity for our Distinguished Lecturer Program!

7 May, 2019 | Member Updates

Article by Fabrice Labeau, IEEE VTS Distinguished Lecturers Program Coordinator In 2018, the VTS Distinguished Lecturers and Distinguished Speakers jointly made more than 80 visits to our chapters worldwide, a new record! The Class of 2019 Distinguished Lecturers will be appointed starting 1 July 2019 and will be listed on the official VTS DL webpage, whereRead More

VTS Chapters: From Strength to Strength

7 May, 2019 | Member Updates

Article by Oliver Holland, IEEE VTS Chapters Committee Chair Over the last two years, the financial support offered to Chapters from VTS has more than doubled—in addition to some limited financial support from IEEE for each Chapter by way of the Section. And due to great interest by many Chapters to expand their activities, weRead More

Ad Hoc Committee on Deep Learning for Wireless Communications

7 May, 2019 | Member Updates

Article by Tony Q.S. Quek, Founding Chair Recent breakthroughs in AI and machine learning—deep neural networks, the availability of powerful computing platforms, and big data—have provided new technologies to perform tasks that once seemed impossible. With this technological revolution, it is clear that we may need to rethink how and whether wireless communication systems shouldRead More

From the VTS Resource Center: Industrial IoT-Connected Railways

7 May, 2019 | TA Resource Center

Title: Unleashing the Potential of Industrial IoT-Connected Railways Speaker:  Paula Fraga-Lamas, University of A Coruña Description: The railway industry is compelled to exploit the opportunities created by the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and enabling communication technologies under the paradigm of `Internet of Trains’ in order to remain competitive. This webinar explains the evolution of communication technologies sinceRead More

Mission-Critical LTE Networks

7 May, 2019 | Mobile Communications

Article by Matthias Pätzold Alongside partner Danoffice IT, Ericsson will lead the implementation of mission-critical LTE networking equipment as well as professional services and training. The LTE networking equipment is from the 5G-ready Ericsson Radio System portfolio, including the MINI-LINK microwave backhaul solution, in combination with Ericsson Cloud Packet Core. This LTE network will significantlyRead More

Sharp Rise in Self-Driving Vehicles Patents

7 May, 2019 | Vehicular Technology

Article by Elisabeth Uhlemann According to a study published by the European Patent Office (EPO), the number of European patent applications related to automated driving has grown 20 times faster than other technologies in recent years. The study was carried out in cooperation with the European Council for Automotive R&D. As patents are filed aheadRead More

Contactless Fare Payment on Buses, by Keolis

7 May, 2019 | Vehicular Technology

Article by Harvey Glickenstein Open payment allows users to sidestep queues at ticket machines and in stations and avoid buying a ticket from the driver, which can be more expensive. All they have to do is board the vehicles and validate their journey by holding their contactless payment card or their smartphone up against theRead More