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Highlights from the VTS BoG Winter Meeting

18 February, 2020 | Member Updates

Article by Fabrice Labeau, VTS Secretary The VTS Board of Governors (BoG) held its winter meeting on 18 January in Las Vegas, NV USA. As always, the BoG meeting is an opportunity to assess the status of the Society, track the progress of initiatives, and make decisions that shape the Society. As this was theRead More

A Paradigm Shift for Industry

18 February, 2020 | Member Updates

Article by Jae Hong Lee, VP—Mobile Radio Wireless communication plays a key role in enabling a paradigm shift for industry digitalization. As wireless communication changes from human-centric to machine-centric with the advent of 5G, the key performance indicators of wireless communication have been diversified. While key performance indicators used to be transmission rate and throughputRead More

From the IEEE VTS Resource Center: Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Self-Driving Cars

18 February, 2020 | TA Resource Center

Title: Multi Sensor Data Fusion for Self Driving Cars Speaker: Thanuka Wickramarathne, UMass Lowell Description: In this lecture, we explore the notions of multi-sensor data fusion that are applicable to autonomous vehicles operating in dynamic environments. The lecture will begin with a brief introduction to data fusion covering data fusion-levels and architectures for autonomous vehicles; environment perception data andRead More

From IEEE VTM: Transmission Protocol Customization for Network Slicing

18 February, 2020 | Publications

Article by Si Yan, Peng Yang, Qiang Ye, Weihua Zhuang, Xuemin Shen, Xu Li, and Jaya Rao In this article, we propose a software-defined networking (SDN)-based transmission protocol (SDTP) for future-generation networks. Different services are supported by dedicated network slices, each of which can be operated separately with a customized transmission protocol. In particular, weRead More

Global Rollouts of 5G

18 February, 2020 | Mobile Communications

Article by Matthias Pätzold Nokia announced that the company has confirmed 42 commercial 5G deals (more than have been announced by any other vendor) across the globe. These deals include 22 well-known customers, such as T-Mobile, Telia, and Softbank. Including these agreements, Nokia’s 5G deals, trials, and demonstrations amount to more than 100 5G customerRead More

Volvo Models in Europe Inform Each Other of Hazards

18 February, 2020 | Vehicular Technology

Article by Elisabeth Uhlemann Safety research conducted by Volvo shows that adjusting speeds to the actual traffic situation can radically reduce the risk of accidents. By alerting people to dangers ahead in a timely manner and allowing them to adapt with time to spare, connected safety technologies can support better driver behavior and boost trafficRead More

Sydney’s Light Rail for Parramatta, NSW, Australia

18 February, 2020 | Railroad & Mass Transit

Article by Harvey Glickenstein On 20 December 2018, the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure for NSW, Andrew Constance, confirmed the final budget for the Parramatta project as A$2.4 billion, which includes two major contracts, early and enabling works, road network upgrades, new bridges and active transport links, urban design, and changes to the bus networkRead More

Nominate a Member for IEEE Fellow

28 January, 2020 | Member Updates

Article by Gerhard Bauch, VTS Fellow Evaluation Committee Co-chair For the class of 2020, 22 VTS members were elevated to IEEE Fellow, and five of them were through VTS. Nominations are evaluated first by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Fellow Evaluation Committee and then by the IEEE Fellow Evaluation Committee. IEEE Vehicular Technology Society receivesRead More

IEEE VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge 2020

28 January, 2020 | Events & Conferences

Energy management of a fuel cell/ultracapacitor/ battery HEV IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, the Universidad Industrial de Santander, the University of Burgundy Franche-Comte, the University of Quebec at Trois Rivières and the Universidad Nacional de Rafaela are proud to launch the IEEE VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge 2020. Since 2016, VTS has sponsored an international challenge devotedRead More