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NEW! Get your VTS Membership Certificate

8 April, 2019 | Member Updates

You can now get your IEEE and VTS membership certificates through Collabratec. To download and print your certificate: Log into Collabratec here >> Click on your name in the top right of the screen and select “Member Certificates” from the drop-down menu From the “Member Certificates” page, click on the “Download PDF” link to the rightRead More

Multi-layer Vehicle Guidance and Control

8 April, 2019 | TA Resource Center

Title: Control and Optimization of Autonomous Vehicles Speaker:  Stefano DiCairano, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, USA Description: This lecture focuses on the multi-layer nature of the guidance and control system for smart and autonomous vehicles, and on the interaction of the vehicle control system with higher level decision logics such as path planning. After reviewing a general architecture forRead More

ROboMObil: The Robotic Electric Vehicle

8 April, 2019 | Mobile Communications

Article by Ricardo de Castro and Jonathan Brembeck, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of System Dynamics and Control The ROboMObil is a by-wire electric vehicle built by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for demonstrating the benefits of transferring advanced space and robotics technologies to electric road vehicles. This vehicle is propelled by four “wheel robots”—eachRead More

Mobile Edge Computing for the Internet of Vehicles

8 April, 2019 | Mobile Communications

Reviewed by Richard Yu, Associate EiC As an enabling technology for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), mobile edge computing (MEC) provides potential solutions for sharing the computation capabilities among vehicles, in addition to other accessible resources. In this article, the authors first introduce a distributed vehicular edge computing solution named the autonomous vehicular edge (AVE),Read More

Safety of Autonomous Vehicles Is Business-Model-Agnostic

8 April, 2019 | Vehicular Technology

Article by Elisabeth Uhlemann Verifying the performance and correctness of a smart factory is difficult. This is because it is more complicated to verify the functionality of a distributed system than it is to verify a centralized system. Verifying a distributed heterogeneous system such as a factory is even worse. Now imagine that the distributedRead More

5G Is Coming Around the Corner

8 April, 2019 | Mobile Communications

Article by Matthias Pätzold On 10 September 2018, AT&T announced that Ericsson is one of its technology suppliers for the operator’s nationwide 5G network. The announcement includes plans to introduce mobile 5G in five additional cities, namely, Houston; Jacksonville, Florida; Louisville, Kentucky; New Orleans, Louisiana; and San Antonio, Texas. These new cities are in additionRead More

Stadler’s New Battery-Operated Train

8 April, 2019 | Railroad & Mass Transit

Article by Harvey Glickenstein The prototype of the new battery-operated FLIRT completed its demonstration trip from the Stadler grounds in Berlin’s Pankow borough to Schildow, Germany, in Brandenburg state without an external power supply. The FLIRT Akku is a full-fledged FLIRT that combines proven components with an innovative drive concept. While the traction equipment andRead More


8 April, 2019 | Events & Conferences

IEEE CAVS 2019 22–23 September 2019 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Full paper submission: 15 April 2019 With the advances in computing and communication technologies, vehicle technology has entered a new era of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). The host of technologies that are required to enable CAVs are many and span several engineering and science disciplines.Read More

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT – 2019 VTS Conferences: Something for Everyone!

12 March, 2019 | Events & Conferences, Member Updates

Article by Alexander M. Wyglinski, President The primary mission of IEEE VTS is to provide its members from around the world with opportunities for professional development and growth via a wide range of activities, events, and services. When it comes to events, VTS has an excellent offering of high-quality, high-impact conferences it organizes every year.Read More

MESSAGE FROM THE EIC, IEEE TVT: Report on 2018 Metrics for Success

12 March, 2019 | Member Updates, Publications

Article by Nei Kato, Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology In my message for this newsletter last year, I was incredibly happy to inform readers of the positive improvement in all relevant metrics for the journal for my first year as Editor-in-Chief. Since then, a lot of work was poured into the publication to reachRead More

IEEE VTS South Africa Chapter Profile

12 March, 2019 | Member Updates

Article by Sunil Maharaj, IEEE VTS South Africa Chapter Chair South Africa established a VTS Chapter in September 2018, chaired by Professor Sunil Maharaj from the University of Pretoria. This is the first sub-Saharan VTS Chapter on the African continent. The objective is to offer the same opportunities to industry, academia, researchers and graduate studentsRead More

Upcoming IEEE VTS Conferences

12 March, 2019 | Events & Conferences

Article by VTS Conference Committee IEEE VTC2019-Spring 28 April – 1 May 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Register to attend now and check out these great tutorials to add to your registration! IEEE VTC2019-Fall 22–25 September 2019 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Deadline for regular papers, tutorial proposals and workshop proposals have been extended to 25 March 2019! IEEE VPPC 2019 14 – 17 October 2019 Hanoi,Read More