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The Motor Vehicles area of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society aims to provide a forum for sharing knowledge, experience, and creative ideas in vehicle power and propulsion in order to develop and promote clean technology for future transportation systems. Motor Vehicles addresses the power parts of vehicles, including: energy and power sources (battery pack, fuel cell systems, ultracapacitors, internal combustion engine, etc), power electronics, motor drives and electric power systems, vehicular electronics and intelligent transportation systems, charging systems and infrastructures. Motor vehicles area is not limited to ground transportation but includes as well sea, air and space applications.

Motor Vehicles organizes numerous technical activities such as the IEEE VTS Vehicular Power & Propulsion Conference, the Motor Vehicles Challenge, various summer school, etc. Related technical content is available in conference proceedings and IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. Motor Vehicles video records (keynotes, tutorials, etc) are offered at the VTS Resource Center.

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This committee shall cover those areas of vehicular electronics and electrical engineering ordinarily identified with the automotive industry.


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