Andrew Viterbi

Andrew J. Viterbi

IEEE Region
Region 06 (Western U.S.)

Dr Andrew J. Viterbi, received the bachelor and master degrees in Electrical Engineering from MIT, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Southern California. After obtaining his Ph.D., he started a very successful academic career in Electrical Engineering at both the University of California at Los Angeles and at San Diego, teaching and doing fundamental work in digital communication theory. He published two books and numerous research papers for which he received international recognition. In 1967, he invented the famous Viterbi algorithm for the decoding of short constraint lengths convolutional codes. This invention, which demonstrated the power and practicality of short convolutional codes for controlling the transmission errors in digital communications systems, generated and immense interest in both academia and industry all over the world. It is widely used in both satellite and terrestrial systems over very numerous applications, among other error correction coding, interference suppression, speech recognitions, etc. Today, the vast majority of mobile phones throughout the world utilizes the Viterbi algorithm. In addition to his academic achievements, Dr Viterbi has shown to be a brilliant entrepreneur. In 1968, he co-founded LINKABIT Corporation, where he served as Executive V.P. and later, as President. In 1985 he co-founded Qualcomm Incorporated, a developer and manufacturer of mobile Satellite Communications and digital telephony, serving as Chief Technology Officer and then Vice Chairman. Under his leadership, Qualcomm developed very successful innovative technologies in particular the CDMA technology. Since 2000, Dr Viterbi is President of the Viterbi Group, a company which advises and invests in start-up companies, mostly in wireless communications, network infrastructure, digital recording and voice recognition. All along his entrepreneurship activities, Dr Viterbi has maintained strong links with academia, in particular, his Alma Mater, the University of Southern California named in his honor, the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. This School, where he is currently Presidential Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering is among the top engineering schools in the world. In addition, Dr Viterbi is Professor Emeritus at the University of California, at San Diego and Distinguished visiting Professor at the Technion in Israel. Dr Viterbi has received an impressive number of prestigious national and international awards, prizes, and distinctions. To name just a few: Doctor Honoris Causa from prestigious Universities in the US, Canada, Italy, Israel, Cyprus. IEEE Medal of Honor, US National Medal of Science, Marconi International Award, Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame, National Inventor Hall of Fame.

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