Conference Proceedings


The record of each Society conference, which contains all technical papers presented there, is provided to each conference registrant as part of the registration package. It is also available to Society members unable to attend the conference at a discounted price.

Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) Proceedings




VTS first started its own conference, the flagship Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC), in 1950 in Detroit, MI, USA, as strictly a mobile radio conference. But as technology advanced, VTC expanded its focus to land transportation, vehicular electronics, and wireless communications.

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Connected and Automated Vehicles Symposium (CAVS) Proceedings




IEEE CAVS was established by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society to create a multi-disciplinary forum where engineers and scientists working on the different aspects of CAVS could get together and exchange ideas and technical advancements. The development of CAVS certainly requires close interaction and collaboration between the several disciplines that address fundamental technical (and non-technical) aspects of CAVS.

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Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC) Proceedings




Our goal is to maintain the high scientific level of previous events and provide researchers in the field of electric mobility with a forum to discuss new ideas, and foster new alliances between researchers and also between academic institutions and industry.

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Wireless Africa Conference (WAC) Proceedings




The latest edition to our suite of conferences is Wireless Africa (WAC) that began in 2018. Our Society has grown into a global organization supporting many diverse events across the world promoting the development and standardization of new technology. Thus, your participation in VTS events gives you a platform to influence the direction of the technology that connects the mobile world.

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